I seem to be having a lot of perspectives about polarized energies, choices, the pull betwixt two, coming to me right now. The information comes in the funniest ways…and I start pondering. This time it is about the choice between optimism/pessimism, gratitude/disappointment, being glad or being grumpy. I’ve heard for years that gratitude is the solution to living happily in an unhappy world. I get it. But I don’t always feel gratitude—even if it’s good for me.

A Good Trick

Yesterday, while looking for a book to read to my 4 yo granddaughter during our Sunday story time over FaceTime, I came across an old timey children’s book. I think the title was Pollyanna. The few pages I read were about “The Glad Game.” The father made it up to help his daughter find the good in everything. One year for Christmas she was mistakenly sent crutches instead of a doll through mail order. “What can possibly be good about getting crutches when you wanted a doll?” Her aunt asked. “Well, I’m glad I don’t need to use them!”  

So I’ve been playing the Glad Game 

Granted I have to remember to do it, but it sure does change things. “I’m glad I have a house to clean!” Playing the Glad Game provides me with the same lift as when I remember to smile. Even the slightest intention of a smile lifts my spirit and, as it turns out, there are good reasons for it. Here’s an article if you want to learn about the science behind the power of a smile to release endorphins, calm heart rate, and just plain make us happier. I find it fascinating.

Thanksgiving. Be Glad. Smile

I love it that here in U.S. we have a day dedicated to being thankful. It’s a good time to try out the Glad Game and smile. See if it works. I’m loving it so far and my plan is to get way better at it!