5 things that get in the way of your dreams

your dreams

The secret to creating a new future is to develop a vision of that future that is so large and exciting that you are compelled, that is, driven, to make it a reality. First the dream; then the reality.  A corollary to having a compelling vision is having a vivid sense of what your life will be like if you do not create a better future.  Barring unforeseen circumstances you will still be living your life 5 years from now.  Do you want your life to look the same as it does today?  You get to decide what your future looks like… the same, or different, and if different, different in what ways?

Sometimes, even when we know what we want, we don’t know where to begin to actually create it.   It all seems so confusing and overwhelming.  So what gets in the way?

There are some very specific and common things that get in the way of creating that compelling future. Once we know what they are it is easier to navigate around them.  Following are some Do’s and Don’ts and Action steps you can take for maneuvering around these potential stumbling blocks.

  1. The Past
  2. Non-supportive Friends
  3. Bad Relational Dynamics (romantic and otherwise)
  4. Lack of Resources
  5. The Inner Critic

Creating a compelling future can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Let’s start with a conversation. We can create a dynamic plan together.