Have you realized the world is in chaos? (That’s kind of an understatement isn’t it?) We are, collectively, in a mass transition, in nearly every area of life. And our personal transitions continue as well. Without awareness and tools this troubling time could keep us underwater. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I know you’re sensing it. Everyone is.

We are experiencing a global transition. People are on edge, worried, anxious. Anger is building. We blame each other. The institutions that we’ve counted on for a really long time are crumbling: banking, education, medicine, climate, energy, agriculture. Even institutions closer to home such as marriage and family are restructuring. Our roots no longer wrap around something solid to keep us upright. And yet there is hope. 

Transitions have three steps:

  1. Ending (we’re seeing this now on a personal and global scale)
  2. Chaos (as everything breaks apart for reorganization)
  3. Reorganizing and creation of something new

Transitions feel unusual but they’re not. A global transition is unusual but transitions themselves are not. We go through them all the time. Move, change jobs, win the lottery, leave a relationship, have a child. All require and lead to restructuring of some kind.

As someone who has experienced more transitions than I like, studied even more, and coached people through personal transitions for years, I understand them.

To get through this global transition will take tools and understanding. For years I have helped people move from where they are to where they want to be—even if they aren’t sure where that is. In the days, weeks and months ahead we are going to:

  • Understand and navigate the phases of transition, including its creative possibilities.
  • Learn practices to keep us stable.
  • Manage our thinking to keep “the shiny side up.”
  • Use kindness/compassion as a tool.
  • Understand the power and purpose of soul stripping/dark night of the soul
  • Heal the personal pain that will rise for healing.
  • Fill the space vacated by the pain with peace and renewed energy.
  • Support ourselves and others through this global transition as leaders and guides.

Transitions are scary because we don’t know where we’re going. We don’t yet have a “new normal.” We’re between trapezes in that “oh shit” place without a net. We have no idea what to expect. But we can support each other to make sure this time of transition is the opportunity for good that it can be. We can’t do this one alone folks.