Is life speaking to you? If you’re a sensitive like I am (and maybe even if you aren’t) you can’t help but notice the changes going on around us. They’re everywhere… AND what if we can turn them into a creative experience?  

Some changes are so small we barely notice. Others change us forever. Change = transition. Transition = upheaval. When we understand how upheavals affect us we can capitalize on them instead of fear them.

Besides the changes in our personal lives, the world around us is also changing. It can be comforting (but also exasperating) to hope that things will eventually go back the way they were but that’s not how transitions work. So let’s first learn about upheavals. 

The structure of an upheaval

Upheavals have three stages:
1) Breaking apart/ending
2) Reorganizing/growing/chaotic
3) Starting anew with fresh perspective and renewed strength.

The big picture purpose of an upheaval

Upheavals catalyze growth. They force us to let go of the things/ideas/behaviors/people/work, etc. that no longer serve us so we can step into something brilliantly new. In the bigger picture they force us to let go of what we’ve known, to watch our long-standing institutions fall apart, to change our conflictual ways of relating, and many other things.

We’ve already moved from an agriculture based society to an industrial society to a tech world. Each gave way to the other. Could our next stage be human-based?

What is Needed?

Letting go is never easy, grieving plays an important role in navigating both our individual upheavals and the loss of the world we’ve been used to. I get the distinct sense that pieces of our lives are being flung apart much the same as by a centrifugal force, creating more and more space between, much like the dispersing of a big bang. Once tight, expected (safe?) and close together, things are now flying apart.

When we understand that we’re not going to go back to “the good old days” we are free to grieve our losses and turn our eyes to what is next and fill the void with what we choose.

Three Responses

My observation is that people are responding to these changes in three different ways:
1. Anger, blame, lashing out
2. Sensing change but denying the scope and longevity of it
3. Understanding and accepting that something new is in the wings

You’ve probably noticed yourself, a friend or neighbor responding in these ways. We’ve certainly seen all three responses in various parts of the world.

We are facing unprecedented change on many levels.

There are things we can do to thrive through these changing times. We will need to tap into our inner resources to help self and others. More on that later.

Until next time love yourself, love others, focus on the peace within. I have a whole lot of tools and techniques for managing transition that I will be sharing in the days and months ahead.