There’s nothing like a car crash with a head injury to force a change in habits. I’ve had to slow down—a lot.  I didn’t realize the speed at which I lived life until I slowed it down a few notches.  It’s been different, but certainly not a bad thing.

My motto has become WWWW. Like WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?). Or www (world-wide-web) My motto is What’s Wrong With Waiting? I think I’ll start a movement. What’s Wrong With Waiting?  = WWWW

In the past I might schedule my phone calls really close together so I could get to the gym. Or try to squeeze in more errands at the end of my day instead of just giving myself a break and going home. I would energetically push and shove and try to manipulate and force my world to conform to my demands. While driving I would squeeze my way into too tight a space in a string of cars, or try to beat a yellow light, or want to get ahead of the car next to me to get into the right turn lane instead of slowing down and going behind it. (Don’t judge me J. I know you do these things too.)  But I’ve learned to wait. And I will literally, out loud some times, ask myself, “What’s wrong with waiting?” Nothing really. I just didn’t think that way before.

The Nervous System

I think a big part of our hurriedness is our overtaxed nervous systems. We push ourselves hard with a stimulant-based lifestyle. This revs us up unnaturally and all that energy has to go somewhere. Years ago I camped outside a small western Colorado town, got up really early and decided to drive home. Rough choice. I was up at the same time that the local miners were going to work. I was still calm and quiet from just waking up, but they were flooding every coffee shop, revving the engines of their very large trucks, and didn’t take to the likes of me being on the highway in front of them. Yikes. They’d had their liquid nerves from Starbucks and were on a mission. We have our version of that, too.

It’s kind of nice realizing I don’t have to be in such a big damn hurry. What is so darn important anyway? When I was in it, everything was that important but when I look at it now, it’s not like the world is going to stop spinning if I don’t make it to my next appointment 5 minutes early. It’s like some cosmic that I think I’m that important. I’m not.

Our Web

The world is getting more crowded. More individuals means more people going every which way. Just imagine a thread tied to each of us as we go about our days. What a knot of a web that would be as each string crossed, twisted, and crossed again, over and over. I’ve heard that someone born into the world 80 years ago was born into a world with 1/3 as many people. The web then would be entirely different than the web of today. We have a need today to pay more attention, not less.


With so many more of us doing so many more things our minds are terribly occupied by “the next thing” whatever that is. I rode my bike a lot while I was without a car. I got an up close and personal look at how preoccupied the lot of us are. Traffic is one place it’s really noticeable because it’s so congested. I had a lot of close calls even on my bike at such a slow speed. Heck, I’ve had close calls as a pedestrian. It only takes 2 seconds for something to go wrong. I’ve been there and done that. It seems to me that as the world goes faster and faster (which it is) we need to make a conscious effort to slow ourselves  down to be able to deal with the madness.

What’s wrong with waiting?

Waiting to look at the phone. Waiting for the car to go by instead of trying to beat it. Waiting for the bike to pass. Waiting and breathing. Looking at the clouds. Noticing.

What’s Wrong With Waiting is my motto because I need it. I need a reminder to gear down. To pause. The world isn’t going to stop spinning. I can pick up the eggs tomorrow if the store closes before I get there. Not only can I prevent a catastrophe it is such a more peaceful way to live. I’m in.

What Do You Think?

So what do you think? Are you in? Want to be part of my movement? What’s Wrong With Waiting?  So let me know…does this idea just irritate you? Do you think I’m mad (as in crazy)? Have you had similar thoughts? What do you think?