Upheaval Is Everywhere

I’ve been pondering upheaval to uplevel again. That’s become my new buzz phrase. I’m noticing that upheaval is everywhere, which is somehow comforting. What that means that it is not unusual to me, or you, but is a common experience happening all around us. I’m more convinced everyday that our upheavals are FOR us in ways we can’t even imagine.

Upheaval to Uplevel in Nature

My friend Joe gave me a Jade plant as a housewarming present. I’m sure Joe’s house is warmer than mine and the poor little Jade has lost some of it’s leaves since it’s been here. But I notice is that every place one of those leaves has fallen from the stem a new branch is growing. Not another leaf but an entire branch. Interesting. It had to lose the leaf so it could uplevel, become bigger, more of itself.

The earth itself has its upheavals: mountains, add more mass through volcanoes, rearranging and clearing via strong winds and fire. All for the sake of keeping this place we call home alive and vital.

Opportunity in Upheaval

My life has gone through upheaval after upheaval for oh, about two decades now. I asked for growth and boy howdy, be careful what you pray for. Last fall I purchased a home that needed a lot of work. While the work was being accomplished I was basically homeless, camping in my back yard in a tent. Mold mitigation, flooring, painting etc. It nearly kicked my ass…along with my self worth.

Just recently I had to buy a new car. I usually buy beaters—on purpose. I’m very hard on cars with my desert trips and mountain adventures. This time though, I got a car I really like. It’s been rebuilt, piece by piece, from the ground up. Kind of like me I guess. (Maybe that’s why I like it.) It’s still 17 years old but it glows with the love that’s been put into it by a master Subaru mechanic. I’ve unleveled my wheels.

The reason this is so interesting to me is that I didn’t even consider either of those possibilities until going through the Upheaval to Uplevel process. Upheaval revealed it.

It was time for me to quit renting and buy. I did. It was time to give up the well-loved older cars. I did. Just like the Jade plant, I lost some time and energy in that letting go process, but new energy has been freed up for bigger and better things. I’m excited to know what they are!

Upheaval is a Distraction

Upheavals are a major distraction to day-to-day living. (Can we say…understatement?) They are all consuming. Everything else gets put on hold in order to deal with the upheaval of it all. The old life, the old relationship, the old way of thinking gets a necessary over write—like the overwriting of old software. In the process of managing the chaos and purposefully choosing, as well as letting gold of the old, new possibilities show up. A gift we wouldn’t willingly put ourselves in line to receive (because it’s so chaotic) but a gift nonetheless.

I’m curious to know what your Upheavals have opened up to your recently? Want to share? I’d love to hear!