Take Your Upheaval to the Next Level!

Heartbreak isn’t the only thing that turns our world upside down.

Things like:

  • Lockdown
  • Job/financial loss
  • Empty nest
  • Health/injury
  • Stolen identity
  • Loss of friends we thought we knew
  • Trust in our political leaders and/or the well being of our country
  • Death

Heck, just being out of our normalizing routines, like we have been for over a year now, can cause us to feel disoriented and depressed. And there are more, too, of course.

Did you know that the same healing steps needed to get through divorce/heartbreak work for other upheavals as well?

I have identified three stages for recovering from any upheaval. The stages that don’t involve another person, are simpler, but the stages are the same.  In this workshop we will talk about those.

Registration closes May 12.


Date: May 19, 2021
Time: 6:30pm MDT (8:30pm EDT) for approx 90-minutes I’m guessing.
Venue: Zoom. Details sent after registration
Cost: $49

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Upheavel to Uplevel


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And if this topic interests you….you might like my

Upheaval to Uplevel Interviews

A few years ago I interviewed over 20 experts who had experienced upheavals in their own lives. They were transparent in sharing their stories and what it took to get through them. In case you’re interested in those, you will find them here.

Here are a few of the people you will meet:

  • NOTHABO NCUBE – From poverty in her African tribe to becoming an M.D., to being in Oprah’s school. I was fascinated by her TED talk. So glad she agreed to do this interview. Heartwarming and inspirational story.
  • AARON HUEY– From drug addict, divorce and bankruptcy, to motivational speaker. He founded of Fire Mountain program for troubled teens. “Basically I work with a bunch of bastard kids who are just like I was.” This may be my favorite interview of all I’ve done. Hold on to your hat and prepare to be inspired.
  • SVAVA BROOKS – From experiencing child sexual abuse to author and supporter of women. Svava freely shares her own story, what she learned from it and how it has empowered her life.
  • BARBARA MCVEIGH – From suicidal to unstoppable. The importance of sisterhood. Experiencing emotional abuse. Author of How Ronald Reagan Ruined My Life.
  • FAITH FULLER – Faith is a psychologist and master coach. She shares the psychology of creating a meaningful life after a major brain injury. Faith is one of my most important teachers and mentors and I am delighted to learn more about her personal life.
  • ISABELLE TIERNEY – A therapist who has moved from an eating disorder, adrenal fatigue and divorce to letting go of her little self and trusting the way she’s been led through life. She is now reconciled with her husband and follows the lead of her core/spirit.
  • KERRY HUMMINGBIRD – Burning down the forest of your life and letting it grow back authentically.

And more of course.