I’ve been meaning to write you…. but my brain isn’t working right. I was in a car accident last week coming home from teaching divorce recovery class (hmmm). So the gash in my head and this concussion I have need some tending to. I’ll be ok. I hear it just takes time. Gotta rest my brain in the same way I would rest a sprained ankle. I can’t do even a quarter of the things I’m used to doing on a daily basis.

Is There a Lesson?

I believe that accidents are a wake up call. An abrupt wake up call at that. I think my wake up call is to become more present to my life. I’m pretty much a go-go kind of person. There are so many things to do, and so many more things to do as a divorced single. I’m often running from one thing to another—thinking forward more than being in the present. Can you relate?

I Kind of Like It

I notice that with this head injury I am forced to do one thing at a time…and sometimes not even that. Interestingly enough, I kind of like it. I have to let a lot of things go and trust that the timing will be perfect when I get back to it. There’s nothing else I can do. I’m being, not just shown but trained into, a better way.

Taking it Forward

I’m already pondering how I can take this frame of mind with me even when I’m well. I just have to go slow, be methodical, deliberate and intentional. Not a bad way to do life actually. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Life is just going to get busier and more complicated. I know I won’t be able to keep up with it by DOing more. I’ve got to make the shift into BEing more and allowing things to resolve and evolve organically. The thing is… I know this. But I forget—until life brings one of those abrupt wake up calls that forces me to remember.

What’s Next?

I’ve reviewed the results of our recent survey. The number one thing people want most after their divorce or heartbreak is to feel joyful and confident about the future. Boy, I get that. So much is uncertain after a major upheaval like that. Stay tuned for a 3-part video series that will speak to that joyful and confident future and what may be keeping you away from it.

Until next time, please send your kind thoughts and prayers for my brain’s healing :-).

With love,