Who knew that tears had individual personalities.  Rose Lynn Fisher studies, and photographs, tears. I found it fascinating and it got me to thinking…

Along the same lines as the work Masuru Emoto Fisher photographs our tears in different emotional states, and during a variety of life events.

Our tears of grief look very different than our tears of joy or a happy reunion.

I love this quote from her website: http://www.rose-lynnfisher.com/tears.html

Although the empirical nature of tears is a chemistry of water, proteins, minerals, hormones, antibodies and enzymes, the topography of tears is a momentary landscape, transient as the fingerprint of someone in a dream. – Rose-Lynn Fisher

Tears:  Prey or Human?

We are often ashamed and sometimes even afraid of tears—our own and the tears of others. Tears are often interpreted as weakness. So we hide them and pretend we’re strong at all costs; but at what price? I think the deeper truth is that our tears show our humanity, our care for one another, our upset at the injustices of life.

Stay Tethered

I had a period of two years where I planned my days carefully because I couldn’t know if I would cry all over everything or not. There were many factors for the extreme tears, one I didn’t know at the time. According to recent neuroscience research our relationships, even crummy ones, stabilize us. When we lose that connection we can literally become untethered, which is one reason why divorce/heartbreak accompanied with job loss or empty nest is such a killer. Those severed connections are partly why we want to date again, or be with friends all the time. We need the connection for our very survival. A wise part of us knows enough to seek those connections.

Inner Peace and Knowing

One of the things I know now is I put up with the tears for far too long. It was simply unnecessary. I just didn’t know how to NOT cry back in the day. I do now. I was totally out of touch with any inner peace, out of touch with that part of me that knew what to do, when and how to do it. I know now and I know how to teach it.

Beyond Tears

There’s a great life for you on the other side of all this. You don’t have to settle for this crap life you’re living right now. I smile a lot these days. I can find my core peace in all but the most alarming of situations…you know those that sneak up on you sideways and whack you before you even realize it. But I have to say that because I’m living in a place of peace most of the time even those don’t sneak up on me like they used to. Yay for that!

Where are you in your journey of tears?

You may need your tears for a while. We need them until we don’t. But if you’re ready to be done with the pain call me. Let’s talk.   Why stay in pain when you can be at peace?

Peace or pain? I choose peace these days… now that I know I have a choice. You have a choice too.


P.S. Imagine what it will feel like to feel happy again. Pause for a moment, close your eyes, and remember a time when happiness came easier. Let a smile come to your face as you remember. It’s not a dream. This smile is your birthright. Don’t settle for less. You deserve so much more. No need to whack your way through the weeds to happiness. I can take you there.