The final view: Because the sexual act is as easy as eating or breathing we overlook the spiritual aspect of sexual union. If sex unites two completely separate universes, and DNA is transferred, and psychic energy is exchanged, doesn’t it deserve a little respect?  Sexual intercourse is THE act that creates human life — and yet we wield this power so lightly — so unconsciously.  I believe that unconscious sexual practices impacts all of humankind at levels that we are only beginning to comprehend.

There is mounting evidence that the health of a mother (emotional, physical, and spiritual health) while pregnant has life-long impact on her child. Many of us are acutely aware of the love we did not receive as children. I believe that unconscious sexual practices not only impact the soul of the woman, they also impact the little being that comes forth from her womb, and may impact her family-line for generations.  That affects all of us.

Humans thrive in an environment of love. Being near deep, passionate love is like being near a warming fire on a cold night. It is good for the hearts of all who come near it. Respecting the sacredness of sexual union born of love has the power to create the space for healing and deeper love… for all of us.

These are a few reasons I see for waiting to have sex until in a mutually committed relationship, all of which assume that long-term relationship success, and the health of body, mind, soul and humanity, as the goal. The rebuttal for these is usually something like, “but I want to” to which I would ask very genuinely, how’s that working out for you?