Relationship Coaching Clients Say…

I wanted to thank you both for today. I felt like that was a really powerful session. Jeannine found and went right to the core issue of respect and I feel better in touch with my respect for XXX and his respect for me. I’m feeling like a very lucky person. OH – Boulder, CO

Thank you for a powerful session last week. We are both grateful and to be honest, I don’t think either of us thought we’d be able to break through the pain. So thank you. We both know it will make a huge impact on our son now and in the future. KM – Aspen CO

Have to say that I am very proud of the way we entered into that conversation and the space we gave each other to voice where we were at individually and what we felt was best for moving forward.  We both felt like the conversation needed to happen in the moment and I am happy that we did.  All that work with you has certainly paid off Jeannine, thank you!! ~ RD – Lafayette CO

“Jeannine started coaching us at a very critical time in our marriage.   We had been spiraling down a negative path for a long time and needed someone else to look at what we were doing and give us tools to change.

Jeannine is a real positive coach, having us look at our differences as a good thing, building a whole new marriage on what we have instead of [make believe] dreams, giving us ‘exercises’ to put in practice and experience what we learned.  When we felt a week of back sliding, she would say, ‘but I see your baby steps and see you moving forward.’ 

We especially appreciate Jeannine’s insight and God given discernment of her coaching.  We look forward to our weekly meeting with her.”   ~ J&P Ft. Collins, CO

“I, John, went through Jeannine’s divorce recovery class when Debbie and I were divorcing for the second time. I was a wreck. I learned so much in that class and in her Discovery class, that I started making big, and overdue, changes in my life. I was proud of myself. I liked who I was becoming.

I, Debbie, wasn’t really happy being divorced but I couldn’t live with John the way things were. We weren’t good together. When I saw John making changes I thought maybe we could try again. That is when we started working with Jeannine.

At first we needed to see her often. There was so much to figure out. So much baggage from our past. So many hurts to work through, and new things to learn so we didn’t blow things apart again. We didn’t trust each other very much. Jeannine knows a lot about how relationships work and what goes wrong when they don’t work. She helped us strengthen our weaknesses, avoid some pitfalls, and take charge of our needs in the relationship. 

Through this coaching we were able to work through the challenges of moving back in together, redesign our relationships with our kids, clean out old wounds from when we’d significantly hurt each other early in our relationship, and learn how to be for each other. Rebuilding the trust between us has been slow but steady. We’re down to seeing Jeannine just once every couple of months now. We so appreciate those times to check in.”  John and Debbie – Longmont, CO

“I did not realize how fear was such a factor for both of us.  With that in mind we are moving forward and going to try and communicate from a place of love rather than fear. As usual you worked your magic and helped us to get back on course.  You are so wonderful and I/we so appreciate your focus and “presence” when you are working with us.  Your insights, observations and thoughts have been invaluable. Thank you. I honestly feel so blessed to have you in my/our life.” ~ G&K, Colorado

I am so pleased that we are doing this with you. I think that marriage counseling can simply open up old wounds but with the work we are doing with you I feel that XXX and I are moving into a different space and are able to see each other more clearly and are learning how to really listen and be present. KW- Colorado

“I feel like things are moving in the right direction. I do believe if we deal with this properly our relationship will be so much better, stronger and deeper. I also feel as though our relationship has gone through a sort of rebirth.  Or maybe it is me finally getting back in touch with the real me?? Whatever it is, it is a much better place than before and far more honest. It certainly feels difficult but necessary to go over my feelings and hurt with him and he is willing to listen to me and I think has begun to understand the depth of hurt involved. ~ K. Lafayette, CO

“Jeannine has a real passion for helping couples discover each other in new and fresh ways that will benefit them for years to come.  She doesn’t proclaim to have all the answers, but knows a lot of the right questions!”  ~  Josh R.– Pastor

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