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This insightful and engaging book takes the reader on an introspective journey of self-discovery, awareness and transformation. Filled with supportive and useful exercises, will help ease the pain of the divorce experience by providing opportunities for growth, understanding and transcendence.
Christine A. Coates, J.D. Mediator and Educator. Co-author of Learning from Divorce: How to Take Responsibility, Stop the Blame, Move On.


Beyond Divorce provides concrete steps for getting onto a path of healing, understanding, and optimism in the wake of the personal storm that is a divorce. Jeannine Lee writes gently and kindly, encouraging our wounded selves to look inward, and our selves are all we truly have in which to nurture change. She provides guidance with shifts in thinking, writing exercises, and alternate modes of behaving that can create new and more joyful ways of being in the world. This is a great book for all who are ready to embrace the full spectrum of being human.
Tamara K. Vincelette, Esq. TAMARA K. VINCELETTE, P.C., Denver, CO

Jeannine offer LOTS, and I mean LOTS, of specific, concrete understanding of what makes divorce hurt, and what we need to make things better sooner. Spend time with this book if you are devastated. Even if you aren’t devastated, but something just doesn’t feel right and you haven’t been feeling like yourself, you will find significant value here.
Michael K Travers Jr MA, JD, Mediator & Counselor at Law, Boulder, CO


Jeannine Lee is a dedicated expert in helping people find peace after divorce. As a divorce attorney who has been divorced twice and been saved by divorce recovery classes, I recommend that everyone contemplating divorce, in the middle of divorce, or struggling to find happiness after divorce, read this book as it contains the secrets you desperately need. This book is amazing. You could not find a better resource for healing divorce trauma.

Terri Harrington, Esq. Harrington Brewster & Clein, P.C. and Denver Center for Mediation & Collaborative Law, Denver, CO

Beyond Divorce offers those experiencing a breakup both a harbor in the storm and a light at the end of the tunnel. I recommend Beyond Divorce to my divorce clients as I believe all going through this painful time can benefit from Jeannine’s well-informed and heartfelt advice. There is life “Beyond Divorce,” and it’s critical that folks wading through the darkness learn how to build a new life for themselves.

Sara L. Keane Ross, Attorney, ROSS LAW FIRM, LLC, Boulder, CO


Beyond Divorce provides an intuitive, compassionate, and practical approach to life after divorce. It encourages the reader to look deep within to find the courage and strength to manage the confusion and overwhelming emotions of divorce. Between these covers readers will find insight, wisdom, and tools to move out of pain and into a life of their choosing.
Georgiana R. Scott, Divorce Attorney, Boulder, CO

This book is called Beyond Divorce, but it is so much more than a self-help book for divorcees. I firmly believe that reading this book and engaging in the exercises provided would benefit anyone who has been profoundly affected by a relationship or multiple relationships and who hopes to build a healthy, positive, life-affirming future for themselves.

Jeannine’s approach is both profound and practical. The book is peppered throughout with insights about human dignity, emotional needs and self-actualization. Such nuggets are stated simply and accessibly, yet can profoundly affect one’s interpretation of a situation. However, the true gems in this book are the exercises. The exercises are easy to understand, yet reach down into the deepest core of self. While some such exercises can leave one depleted and unwilling to continue, Jeannine’s pacing and gentle encouragement, leaves one knowing that the journey is worthwhile and that it will lead to a happier, healthier you.

I trusted Jeannine to guide me through a difficult journey of self-examination, grief and renewal and hope that you will too because a lighter, freer, more joy-filled life is waiting for you.

Johanna Blumenthal, Divorce Attorney, Boulder, CO

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Financial Experts say:

Beyond Divorce is a must-read for anyone in the swirl of divorce. It provides a variety of tools to help calm the emotions and provide clarity, allowing the reader to make critical financial decisions from a place of reason rather than emotion.

Tara Mohr, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner
Boulder, CO

Therapists Say:

I am so glad I purchased your book. It is excellent and I plan to share it with my clients. Heart Blessings–Deborah Owen-Sohocki

Readers Say:

The best description for this book is expansive. It covers the full scope of getting beyond divorce.

Jeannine’s compassion and non-judgment for your difficult feelings comes through. It’s clear that she understands all sides of divorce, whether you were the heartbroken or the heartbreaker, and whether your primary emotion is grief, anger, guilt, or some combination. The many exercises are profoundly helpful in effectively coping, healing, and growing through, and past, this difficult life change. – Dane Schnal, Niwot, CO

I have started reading your book and it is AWESOME! What a thoughtful and valuable piece of work ???? – D.S. Boulder, CO


Even though I have had excellent counseling for my personal growth for several years off and on when things came up in my life, Beyond Divorce book and course with Jeannine Lee carried me though one of the most difficult times in my life!

Things work out magically sometimes, and I had signed up for a meetup around divorce and understanding life’s transitions. I attended one evening meet up and discovered a gold mine of compassion, understanding and expertise in Jeannine. I purchased her book right away and began reading it. Wow it helped me so much to understand why I found my self in this situation of feeling like I had thrown myself up into the air and didn’t know where the ground was. Ending a marriage is profound and comes with many emotions that are not easy to understand for both partners.

As I worked my way though the experiences I was having during this life transition I could understand and really get where I was in the continuum and process. It really helped to see my progress and know what might be ahead of me. Thank you Jeannine for your wisdom, expertise, research and compassion for us all who read your marvelous book. Nora McCray, Longmont, CO

Jeannine Lee is an amazing woman and phenomenal divorce coach. You have seen so many of us at our lowest and have helped us through the agony of divorce with such kindness and compassion, to not only enable us to survive such a painful process, but provide us with tools to thrive when we reach the other side. Thank you for all you do! Congratulations on the publication of your new book, Beyond Divorce! I wish you great success and look forward to reading it!” – Shelley H. from Facebook