Have you ever wondered why we have conflict? I mean, why can’t we just get along anyway? In my view, in a relationship that matters—and that can be parents and children, siblings, as well as romance, conflict often signals the relationship wanting to go deeper. Deeper into each other’s hearts. Deeper into trust.

Conflict points to the solution

“He doesn’t listen.” “She accuses me.”  I hear things like this a lot when I work with couples. They don’t know yet that their relationship is pointing out the reasons it isn’t safe to get closer. “Will you be kind if I let you deeper into my heart?” There’s always some cleanup to do before the relationship can deepen in the way it wants to. Conflict is pointing the way.  It’s unfortunate that so many of us give up on our relationships at this point—right as the relationship is revealing what it needs.

My Aha moment

When I was learning relationship systems coaching I had an aha moment. “If we (my former spouse and I) had gone to someone who knew what I’m learning now, we could have had a different outcome.” But we didn’t. That training was very new in the year 2000. Instead we went to people who didn’t know what they were doing, and things got worse. We were doomed.

You can have a different outcome

I have a gift for you. I’m opening up 3 spots on my calendar for you to take part in my Relationship Assessment for just $100. That’s half what I usually charge. In case you’re wondering if it will work for you, here’s your chance to try it out. I haven’t charged that little in years.  Here’s a bit more information so you can learn more. I can tell you that it is a very positive, forward moving, safe, lighthearted, and educational environment.

Here’s a quote from a recent client that came by email.  “Jeannine, thank you again for the space you hold. It has been invaluable to have you present during this time and helping us navigate a huge part of our lives.”

If your relationship is struggling

You can capitalize on that information, heal, grow, deepen rather than lose something important. I’m glad to talk to you and your “other” so you understand more of what to expect. Just respond to this email.

Here’s to using your conflict well!