Recovery and Empowerment Participants Share Their Experience.

Chris York – “I feel a lot better about myself. I learned a lot about myself. Everything is very helpful and very relevant so that when my next relationship comes around I will be a lot more successful. I learned why I was so utterly out of my mind and why we couldn’t get along. The group process helps a lot more than one-on-one. You learn where you are and most important, where you want to be.”  

Mike Schreiber – When you are emotionally abandoned by the one single person you’ve built your life around you need support. The Beyond Divorce class provides the forum to gain insight and support that is useful in shoring up what remains and teaching about how to survive.

Kevin Hatland – I thought I had to suffer through the divorce experience all by myself. I’m so glad I found this class. I feel I’ve healed so much of the pain and confusion in this short class. I feel interested in life and new experiences again! Thanks!

Jim G. – After the class I finally felt hopeful and less of a victim.

Bill “Ghostdog36C” Torrie – You can grow if you consciously embrace this leadership evolution.

Sindy W. – This class saved me. I was so lost and so sad when this started. I didn’t think I would survive the pain. I am literally in such a better place. I will be forever grateful. Thank you!

Margot S. – There are some really wonderful people in this group. I’m so glad I joined up and grateful you coaxed me through the concerns I had. Everything we’re doing, and the people involved, have been immensely helpful. The book, the exercises, what we do in class and how you direct each process is so thoughtfully laid out and presented.

Shannon L. – I am so crazy busy but some day I hope to be able to volunteer as a mentor for one of your classes. Spending time with my groups – especially the first class was life changing. I don’t know how I would ever have managed without your guidance, and the protective arms of my companions. That was way back in 2009!

Teri A. Who would have though that divorce would have so many hidden blessings! I went to the Beyond divorce class last night and had a horrible restless night. Their pain was heartbreaking. I Can’t hardly believe I feel this good in just 8 months! I hope they all sign up and will be in the place where I am in 8 months. I love you all.

Dane S. – Wow, the anguish of the entering class is really amazing. You remember what it was like, but you don’t remember – seeing it again is quite the eye opener… each time. It’s good to know they will be so much better off in a couple months.

Greg H. – It was surprising how quickly I began to look forward to the class. Building community with people who are in a similar place: the ability to meet people who truly understand where you are—as experts in pain. I found a lot of safety in opening up to these people.

Cher Ferrell: I was skeptical that a divorce group could help me and I’m happy to say I was proved wrong. I learned so much about myself and my relationship, that knowledge has helped ease the heartache inherent in the divorce process. I’m tremendously grateful to have found Jeannine and this class.

Laurie Oliver – This was an incredible experience. Jeannine’s sense of purpose is enlightening. She has such a sense of peace that one can’t help but be engulfed with that sense of well being.

Paul Black – I was unsure about this, especially opening up to a group of strangers. I am truly happy that I came, and opening up was really helpful. Everyone had a common reason for coming, but such different experiences. It was a great way to learn and grow together and work on the recovery process.

Suz Worthing – I really enjoyed meeting everyone in the class… Thank you for providing me with this amazing opportunity to find myself again…

D. S. previous class participant – I was in the midst of my divorce last year at this time, and I was a total basket case. I was also extremely skeptical that this class could help, and I wasn’t really comfortable with this sort of thing. Nonetheless, I took this class last year. It was extremely helpful and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. There are many reasons why and how the class works. I encourage you to take the class if you’re struggling at all.

(Margaret) Gretel Pauly – This class really helped me to be able to move forward in a more confident and positive way. It gave me a better way of thinking, not being so negative, and to know there’s a better life out there waiting for me.

Andre Bollaert – A safe place to share all of the difficult parts of the process. I have learned so many tools to move forward, heal, learn. It helped me learn how to love both the good and bad about myself. This is something that has been transformational for me.

Mary Anne DeWitt – I’m not sure you can go through divorce in a healthier, healing, intentional way. It has made a world of difference.

David Fiske – Take it! Anything that helps you through the feelings and process is a good thing.

Linda Gutenkunst – The groundlessness of divorce is horrid. It is an ending of the life you’ve known. But this class will save your soul, make you let go of the sadness and hurt that needs help to go, and find a start in a new life. I was so glad to have found this class.

Jessica Deines – I liked being able to define all the emotions that you go through in a divorce and being able to mark them off after I worked through/accepted the emotion.

Jill Hunter – Wonderful experience both from a growth perspective and trying to understand what to do in my marriage. I have found life-long friends in the group, Jeannine and the assistants.

Diane Lomonaco – I came into this class believing that people didn’t care and nothing would help my shattered life. Now I believe in my future more than the past, and know I have the skills to embrace that fully.

Hearing so many good things about the class I knew, just knew, I couldn’t pass. I learned so much. I loved it all, everything included, big and small. I think I am a better person. Yes I am. Thank you Jeannine and all. Peter Jaumann

George Garry – Great to feel so much love and support from a variety of people. Great to get the feedback on learning to create the life I want to, and can, create.

Robert MacKinnon – I believe that this is not an ending but is also a new beginning. I believe I will be in relationship again and I owe it to my future relationship to be as baggage free as possible.

John Hernandez – Accepting/understanding how I can change in positive ways to improve myself. Just learning about all the emotions a person goes thru during divorce. Sharing, sharing, sharing with everyone your personal feelings and how similar we are all in this area. We are “NOT” alone.

Juan Perez – I very much appreciated hearing the women’s point of view on many topics. That has truly helped me to adjust and learn what needs tweaking for successful relationships. I learned that I am OK and not to believe all the negative criticism.

“Jeannine, you have created such a wonderful course by taking the Fisher program and updating pun intended…a much needed revitalization of a recovery and wisdom process for those going through divorce and rentry into the world of dating.” -Christina H.

Jon Spencer – The class participants were a great group of men and women who were all interested in moving forward with their lives and who provided a source of encouragment and support during a challenging period.

Elizabeth Wiig – I love the structure and tools that this class has given me to further my understanding of what happened in my ex-love relationship. I use this new knowledge constantly in all of my relationships and have found so much clarity and value in this.

Tim Crist – I found class to be incredibly beneficial because you realize you aren’t the only person going through divorce and that your situation isn’t that much different than others.

Wow! Where do I start? I wanted to learn about me. I did! Things I like about myself. Things I don’t. I learned how to accept some things about myself as ok – accept me for me. I learned that I can change some things about myself for the better. I am free to be me and free to continue to grow! -April Markoff

Jon Eady – The class forced me to face some issues in my situation that were not on the surface. Shining light on them helped my overall outlook and emotional stability. It cleared away some non-productive clutter so I could start building a more solid foundation.

Erin Dunn – I absolutely began to be comfortable in my own skin. I’m a 40-year old woman, and probably haven’t felt that comfort since I was ten years old. Thirty years!! Not only did Jeannine and the group help me gain some understanding and closure with my marriage, but also (and more importantly) how to love myself. I will be eternally grateful for what this group has brought to my life.

I was skeptical. Workshops can mean a lot of time and a lot of money – a big investment. Well – this was one of the BEST investments I have ever made. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeannine and this workshop. Invaluable. Bret Elliott

Kellie Bayne – This experience has been exactly what I needed. I was a lost soul when I met Jeannine and her helpers at the [Divorce] Expo. I have come a long way due to this class. Thank you for all you’ve given me.

Nate – It pretty much rocked…helped me in some ways I didn’t expect…even some stuff not related to my divorce.

Pete Byrne – The best part of the class is that you get a social network of people that understand what you are going through. To say that divorce is difficult is an overwhelming understatement. The support group is huge.

Karen Isaac – I feel like I would be lost in space if I had not landed here when I did. It has been a meaningful and invaluable experience for me that I hope to continue the process for my health and well-being.

Lauren – I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Perfect timing in my life. You have a wonderful spirit, Jeannine.

Bob – This course provided me with the realization that my vast range of emotions were not unique – others experience the same dealings with the same intensity. The support provided by the group was wonderful.

I WILL get through this, and come out the other side a stronger, more authentic person. I think that is really what the whole point of the this class; it’s not so much about helping you survive divorce as it is about helping you become 100% authentic & true to yourself. Thank you for setting me on the path, & being there along the way. – Nicole Donohue

Erin Shockey – The class was very helpful in many ways. I didn’t think I was as hurt as I was, but after going through the class I feel so much more free. Free to be myself & free to get what I want & need from a future relationship.

Heather – This course was a great foundation builder for me and I am changing and growing as a result of my divorce I appreciated the perspective it gave me and all the support available in dealing with all these challenges.

Katy Vincent – The class helped me through the process of going through my divorce. When I started the class I was a couple of months separated, and I should be divorced next month. I found each week I learned something that helped me. The support from the group was critical in my recovery. I would highly recommend this class.

From Facebook: Shaun wrote: “Wow. It has been two years since my Divorce Recovery class. What a difference both time and perspective make. I would like to give a shout out to Jeannine Lee for the amazing work that you do. For any that are looking for an accepting safe place to heal and refocus post-divorce, I would strongly recommend that you explore the possibility that a group of caring people is what you need to move you beyond your current situation.

Michael Welcome – This has been very helpful to me. I made a lot of friends. The various exercises and just sharing of experiences has been great.

Jill Jagemann – I began the class feeling confused about what direction to take. It has provided steps to clarity & acceptance of the feelings that accompany divorce. Meeting others going through this process even if we are at different stages has provided a steady base for healing and realizing I have the ability to move forward.

Peter Sutyak – I think that sharing experiences with others has been invaluable to me and has made me feel more empathetictowards others and has given me more self confidence and a view of what I need to change in a relationship and what I need to change in myself to make a relationship work and prosper.

It was wonderful. This class truly changed my life and the way I see myself. I have a clearer vision of who I am and how people see and value me now. What an amazing experience this has been. -Jovita C. Schiffer

Shane Taylor – Even though it was hard to fully relate to everyone in the class, I realized that I, in fact, did have more in common [with everyone] than I thought. With pain comes bonding and with growth and healing comes even stronger bonding. I am truly grateful for Jeannine and all the other brave and beautiful souls in my class. I am truly honored and blessed for this experience.

Karla Schwenn – Absolutely worth every minute, every class. Indeed – wish I would have had this sooner – But or and … I have this now! Most important was the support, compassion and the friendship. Thank you Jeannine.

Stephanie Collins – This class has been so helpful! I have identified where I am now on my post-divorce journey and have a clear path to ensure I am healthy and happy! I know that my best days are ahead of me. I appreciate you, Jeannine, for guiding us.

“Fantastic!! Wonderful!! It helped me so much. I feel like the person I was before my marriage and I’m excited about my future. I wish this was national so I could refer friends and co-workers. -John D.

Allen Jones – “Awesome. I loved this group. I’m looking forward to the friendships I have made through this experience. Jeannine is one of the most empathetic people I have ever met.”

Karen Strange – “An excellent source for assessing yourself before, during, or after a breakup, separation, or divorce. An amazing beginning to finding your way to rebuilding yourself regardless how you define your experience in the loss of your love relationship.”

Steve Katzman – “Great experience! Brings all kinds of caring people together to heal. Jeannine – you are the best! You explain ideas very well and make them easy to understand.”

Teri D. Rosen – “This class is full of people who are here for the same reason: to grow. I have grown tremendously in the past 10 weeks. I have been able to work through the process of divorce much faster than doing it alone. I wonder where I’d be now if I’d taken the class a year ago. Thank you!”

Matt Makowski – “I really believe that everyone going through divorce or possible divorce should attend a recovery-based seminar. If you are thinking of that there is no one I would rather take it from than Jeannine Lee. Absolutely a compassionate, experienced yet firm leader/facilitator/teacher. Thank you Jeannine.”

Dave G. – “The simplicity, authenticity and effectiveness of this course will make even the most desperate a believer. ”

Alexandra Schein – “I would recommend the class to everybody who is going through a divorce/separation. Participants are supportive and understanding. It is probably the most helpful tool/community during one of your most traumatic times in your life.

“This is quite possibly the best money I’ve ever spent.” -Chris York

Kristin L. – “This class, with Jeannine, is a very organized and well-facilitated opportunity to explore my own grown, to learn about myself, and to gather new tools to move forward. It has helped me to gain confidence in being single and has been a huge comfort to connect with others going through the same experience. I am so glad I did this.”

John Fentum – “I would be lost without it! A lighthouse in a storm. Kept me from going aground and drowning.”

Pam H. – “Participating in the Seminar with Jeannine was immensely enlightening. This path was a gift and the brambles and thorny bushes along the path of my divorce process were cleared away easier because of this learning experience. When one opens their heart, the Universe, God, Great Spirit, provides a path for putting one’s life together again.”

Wendy B. – “Very helpful to get in the muck with others – explore it, grow and cry with others while finding it’s real. It’s okay to go and grow straight through the eye of it. Although it can be tough as it’s so intense and many are in different places, it’s like sailing into a storm with life vests and coming out the other side – knowing how to sail – without drowning.”

John Lange – “Wonderful support system. Grief night was really helpful. Made many good friends.”

Colleen Luckett – “During the class I began to wonder if divorce was actually the right path to take or if my husband and I should work things out. (He’s willing, too.) I can’t say that we have the answer yet, but this workshop has been invaluable for my own growth and has given me a path to go down for us that may not involve divorce. Either way, I now have the tools to survive with strength and confidence, knowing I won’t repeat destructive patterns this time. Thank you!”

“This has been among the most important things I’ve ever done.” -Victor Babbitt

Denise Casciano – “This is the best group for someone experiencing divorce. It helps you understand all the phases the you are/will go through. It helps you to build relationships, some of which will last a very long time.”

Dale Burns – “I knew I needed time and distance to cope with the loss of my relationship. This course was like taking the freeway!”

Janelle Scrivner – “The class should be required if you want to have a way out of your pain through a structured format that is tried and true. You’re in a safe place to express your fears and even anger or whatever you’re going through. [It is a place] where people allow you to be who you are. You end up with friends for life.”

Peter Lyon – “Very helpful; very considerate environment to be in while going through a very tough time. A great deal of learning took place while being nurtured from a broken heart.”

Kim DeRoo – “I have had the most amazing experience. The class taught me that I can be a better stronger person and I will make it after my divorce. My new friends, the volunteers, and most importantly Jeannine held me up when I needed It most. I have lifelong relationships that I will treasure forever.”

Molly G. – “Jeannine really does a wonderful job of leading this class. The assistants were so compassionate and so available for all of us. It was amazing. It helped me move from paralysis, denial and grief to a place of freedom and joy and gratitude.”

“This has been the absolute BEST thing I have done for myself during this difficult time. I have learned so much and gained a new appreciation for life. The friendships and support have been amazing.” –Patrick Miller

Jerry – “It is easy to feel as if you are completely alone with going through divorce. Graduates have a close network of new friends who are all in the same boat and provide great insight and support. This and the learning in classes makes this class a “must attend” for anyone struggling with the end of a romantic/love relationship.”

Mark – “Thanks again for a wonderful experience and healing program. You’re amazing!”

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