Professionals Who Refer Say…


Jeannine insightfully leads people through the emotional aspects of their divorce. This helps them better manage, with me, the legal issues in the divorce. I recommend her and her program to my clients.

~ Daryl James, Esq.

I have referred several clients to Jeannine Lee’s Beyond Divorce seminar. It is gratifying when a former or current client reports the positive and supportive experience they had in Jeannine’s seminar. Divorce is one of life’s most difficult, confusing and painful experiences. Jeannine’s seminar offers the support of people going through the same painful period in their lives. Jeannine is compassionate, intuitive and practical. Her seminar will offer you tools to survive and thrive after the transition of divorce.

Georgiana Scott, Attorney and Counselor at Law

As an attorney and a divorced parent I believe that there is great value to be had from divorce classes like those facilitated by Jeannine Lee. I have referred several people to Jeannine for both coaching and her divorce recovery class. I know that they have been helped by their participation with Jeannine.

C. Bert Dempsey, Attorney at Law / Mediator

Jeannine’s grasp of the emotional experience of divorce makes her a vital resource for anyone undergoing major transformation in their primary relationship.

Todd McMillen, Esq.


I have referred numerous clients to Jeannine over the years and continue to send people to her classes. I can always trust that Jeannine’s wisdom and compassion, along with the divorce recovery class she has developed will provide the guidance and support people need so badly during the difficult times of separation and divorce.
Heather Leavesley, MA

As an addiction counselor, I know that divorce creates stress which can lead to acting out with addictive substances. This was true twenty years ago when I went through my divorce and it’s true today. I was pretty cynical about reaching for help thinking that I should be able to manage the pain alone.

The content and structure of Jeannine’s class walks participants through a process of healing after divorce. Numerous seminars may tout the same but Jeannine’s personal characteristics stand out offering you assurance of a high quality experience.

Jeannine Lee has personal experience with divorce, and is a master at creating a safe and secure environment to both provide the tools and allow people to go through the process at their pace. Expect the utmost of integrity and respect of your individual process, because that’s what you’ll get from Jeannine’s divorce seminar.

Jeff Jones MA, CACII

Professionals regularly refer their clients.

Therapists recognize that some clients need more than they can provide in one-on-one or group therapy sessions. The interactions with other adults going through the same experience, which allows for many different perspectives and support from many angles, is invaluable for completing the emotional divorce.

Divorce attorneys, mediators, financial experts refer to help their clients with the emotional side of divorce for several reasons:

  • Clients having a place other than their office to share the emotions keeps the client’s costs down. The group setting provides a less expensive and more effective avenue for sharing all that is going on for the client, which allows for more productive time in the office with the attorney/mediator/financial expert.
  • The communication, forgiveness, and boundary tools, help their clients show up as their wisest, most adult selves with more ability to make the difficult decisions before them.
  • The professional is assured that their client will get the help and support they need, when they often feel powerless to provide that for their clients.

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