I’ve been re-reminded of the truth the perfect love casts out fear soo much lately, it seemed only fitting to write to you my thoughts about it. Another version of perfect love casting out fear is, light dispels darkness.  🌗

We don’t often think of the physics of light and dark but it is an interesting ponder. Walk into a dark black room and flip on a light. Where does the dark go? It’s like dark is a non-thing. It holds space only until light fills the space.

I think it was Ghandi who exhorted us to be the change we wish to see in the world. There are an abundance of memes and banners and bumper stickers exhorting us to Be the Change. (That’s also true in couples work/dating, by the way. We work on us first (be the change) then the system changes.)

We can be the change, the light, the love.

As the world continues in its insanity, I focus more and more on the light/love/spiritual side of things.   💫 ❤️ 🙏🏼 I am seeking my God more than ever—and finding Him—face to face. Meditation— and prayer from that deeply meditative place—has become my sanctuary, my place of peace. Where the world goes away and I can unburden my heart to the One who can actually do something about all those things.

I don’t know about you but I can easily carry too much.

It’s because I care so deeply about the state of our collective hearts 💕, our right to live an expansive life, and the personal freedom that is foundational to both. I can’t change the direction of our insane world, but I can seek The One who can.

An invitation for you.

When the world is completely overwhelming, I invite you to drop into that place where you hear the Still Small Voice. Be held by it. Release to it. Flip on that Light of Love and bask in it. Darkness and fear can’t live there.