I’ve lived one crazy assed life. I imagine most of us feel that way. I have one friend who’s life has gone totally the way he planned it, no hiccups. He’s the only person for whom I can say that is true. He and I are very different that way :-).

Doing Everything Right

With all the ups and downs and losses and recoveries and blessings, too, I was on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs…mostly downs, often wondering how far down I would go. I felt helpless to create/find/carve out equilibrium no matter what I tried or what guru or spiritual practice I followed. I did everything “right.” So what the heck?

Attunement, what is it?

Then, I rediscovered meditation. I almost hate to call it that because meditation is getting to be another of those over used buzz words, so I’d rather call it alignment or attunement. Aligning to what? Inner guidance. Creator/God/Spirit/Universe/All That Is. All of those labels have applied in one way or another as I’ve developed my attunement practice.

THAT is where I find stability.

I was told/read/guided that peace is on the inside. Well I looked in there and didn’t find it. I found chaos. How many other rocks was I going to have to look under? But in my newfound re-discovery, the practice I have developed is more like going beneath the choppy tumultuous waves of an ocean to the quiet serenity below them. It’s always there. Sometimes I call it Love. Sometimes I call it Grace. When I get there, it almost always brings tears of gratitude. “Thank God for this place of peace.”

A Tool For You

I wish I’d had this tool through all my years of helping divorcing people and couples in crisis. Oh the difference it would have made. I hadn’t yet developed it to the degree I have now. It’s changing my life and I want you to have this tool, too. It’s a little hard to relay in words so this will be a topic I add to our call list. If you can find your way there—even once with my guidance–you can find it again on your own.

Until then, I encourage you to continue your own attunement to Love, whatever that looks like for you.