I gave up on New Year’s resolutions over a decade ago. I haven’t missed them one whit. You might want to ditch New Year’s Resolutions, too. I’ve found New Year’s resolutions a set up for failure, confining, exhausting, and guilt inducing, while offering too little motivation. Any chance of keeping them requires a strong will rather than a drawing forth from the heart, which is where genuine motivation comes from.

A Carrot or a Whip?

We humans are inspired to action either by a whip or a carrot (terms that come from the horse racing world). If we move at all by a whip, it is usually against our will and is more angering or defeating than inspiring. On the other hand, if we pursue something because we want to, it becomes adventure seeking. We will stick with it longer and more enthusiastically. So which do you want as our new year approaches?

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Let Go of the Old

Transitions, like the end of one year and start of another, are powerful doorways. They are a key time to let go of things that no longer serve us, like playing small, lashing out in anger, or isolating. Sometimes we realize we need to re-evaluate our friendships. As we grow and change throughout our lives we will want friendships to match us and some of our current friendships don’t.

Stepping Into the New

On the other side of that transition door are new views and new ways of being in your world. On one level you get to choose what’s next for you. Instead of playing small what will playing large look like? If you’re done with anger, what will you choose? But then on another level Life tells us what is on the horizon. This brings me to what I do instead of New Year’s Resolutions.

Dream Your Theme

The smallish changes we make from year to year add up to big changes over time. They can even a change your life’s trajectory. About a decade ago, I noticed that near the end of the year I had an intuitive sense of a new version of myself coming into fruition. This very first “vision” was of a stylish businesswoman stepping out of a sleigh with black high heels, a red dress, and a briefcase, much like the car commercials. This woman was confident and had a strong stride. Most anyone who knew me then would say that was not who I was…and yet through the year, she came into full manifestation. The fuzzy image became clear. That vision was the Theme for my year.

I realized that in my Theme, Life had let me know who I would become through the year. There were times when I felt anything but confident and stylish but I could re-member the vision and see that I was closer than I thought.

In the years since, I’ve developed a system for not only determining my own vision but for helping others discover theirs. You can get in on this gift if you like. January 10, 2015 I am holding my annual Dream Your Theme mini-workshop in the local area. Early registration is your best price. There’s even a buddy pass where two of you can register together for an even greater discount. It’s more fun with a friend.

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