I was talking to a friend today about love.  We were surprised at all the meanings there can be behind 4 little letters that symbolize such big ideas. L-O-V-E is…..  I thought it would be fun to make a list of all the things I’ve heard people say they love, or say that love is, throughout the years. Feel free to add yours. This will be an ongoing list, I’m sure.

Here’s a start:

A verb.  A noun. A walk in the park. Holding Hands. Heartache. Pizza. A walk on the beach.  Puppy kisses. Little fat baby arms wrapped around your neck. Ice Cream. A touching movie.  A sports team. A subject. Playful. Gentle. Erotic. Tender. God. Painful. A joke. Terrifying. A tender touch. Unconditional. Eros. Enlightenment. The boy next door. The girl next door. Money. Riches. Glamour. Agape. Hilarious. Curious. Mom. Dad. Pastor/rabbi/spiritual teacher. Grandma. Grandpa. Has a hook in it. Passionate. I Corinthians 13. Assuages loneliness. Spirit.  Meaningful. Prickly. Tenuous. Scary. Friends. A best friend. A hunk a hunka burning….