Is It Time to Listen To Your Heart?

Have you noticed how quickly life moves these days? Is it just because I’m older, or maybe busier? I’ve heard that life is like a roll of toilet paper (going faster at the end) but I’m a little shocked that it goes this fast. Time to hang on tight cuz things are moving.

In a lot of ways speedy movement is good news. Just like they say about Colorado weather. If you don’t like it this 5 minutes, wait a few and it will be entirely different. With the speed of things, emotions and life situations move right along. No need to get too attached to either the good feelings or the uncomfortableness of them. It’s all temporary.

Fast or Slow?

I have that catch 22 of liking things to move quickly, but also craving enough calm to rest and enjoy a peaceful moment. Can you relate? Are you more inclined toward peaceful moments? Or do you prefer risk and movement?  One isn’t necessarily better than another. Just different experiences.  I hope you listen to your heart and let it want what it wants. The heart is an important guide. I think it deserves more credit than we generally give it.

Heart or Intuition or Thoughts?

I’m not sure if it’s heart or if it’s intuition, but I know that either of those is a better guide than the mind and its thoughts. Thoughts are so “right,” so structured, linear, and besides all that, sometimes they are downright debilitating. I’ve often likened thoughts to the inner parent. Contrast that to the voice of the heart, which is the inner child. The child wants to make snow angels and play in the mud. The parent says “Don’t you dare!” Bossy. Stiff. No fun. If we want some joy in life we have to let the child-heart out to play. And we may have to protect it from that controlling inner parent.  A good “Shut up already!” is sometimes all that’s needed. Yes you can. This parent is not the boss of you!  (Do you remember saying that to a bossy friend or older sibling when you were a kid?  I do.)

Let Life Move Through You

As I’m writing this I’m surrounded by snow that is melting like crazy and running into the river I’m sitting by. I was waiting for my next intuitive thought to write and it came as “let life move through you.” I was struck that just like the snowmelt is moving down the hills, over the rocks, and into the growing current of the river, we can let all the stuff of life move through and out and off to its next destination with little impact to us personally. It’s just stuff. There is such freedom in watching it go.

So here’s a parting question… If you listen to your heart, what is there in your life that wants to flow through, and beyond you right now in this moment?  Can you let it go?