life by design

If You Don’t See What You Want Please ASK for It

Enter life stage left.  First infancy… that is nurturing and an invitation to life… or maybe not.  On into childhood with its laughter and play…or maybe not that either.  Continuing into adolescence and building confidence with wise guidance…or maybe instead, I make my own solitary way.  However it comes I eventually arrive at adulthood with a wheelbarrow full of experiences.  I am convinced that these experiences are “Me.” I am intimately familiar with each and every one of them.  Each item has a special place.  Many I’ve believed to be of great importance.  Some are weighty and unruly but I’ve grown used to them.  The thought of not having them is disconcerting.  They are somehow a comfort to me.  I know who I am with my entrenched stories and experiences.

I find, however, that when I begin to navigate this place called The Future my wheelbarrow is clumsy and unwieldy.  The terrain is bumpy, the weather is unstable, and the path unclear. Creating the rest of my life while clinging firmly to this present idea of “Me” that includes the stories and experiences in my wheelbarrow is limiting at best.  I get glimpses of beautiful things ahead but navigating it with the cumbersome wheelbarrow keeps me in wishful thinking instead of action.  It’s hard pushing it all up hill.  One of the things in that wheelbarrow is a story I tell myself about how difficult life is. “I can’t.”  Or at least I make up that I can’t.  The mere thought of trying makes me tired.

If that were the end of the story, the extent of the choices, I would likely park the wheelbarrow, lean against it and take a lifelong nap.  But hidden within the thick folds of the curtain of The Past and The Future there is an opening into one of the most magnificent truths in all of the Universe. When I slip between the curtains, I glimpse an entirely different world.  The Real World.  The world of Here and Now.  The Present Moment where the Past and the Present cannot exist.  They must remain outside.  They are but two-dimensional stories that frame this present reality but they are not it.  Past and Future are foreigners here. The Present is 3-dimensional, fluid, active, waiting to be molded. This Real World is expansive and spacious, peaceful yet vibrant.  It is a new dimension.  It is flexible not static.  It is the place where changes are made.  It is the place of action, the place of creativity.  My wheelbarrow with all its stories doesn’t belong. Once I’ve entered the Magical Present the tools appear to design my desired Future. Those tools only exist in the present. I discover that it is only my stories that limit me.

To enter this expansive place I must leave my wheelbarrow with all its “stuff” behind. The Past vaporizes.  And even though it feels as though I am leaving my very identity outside the curtain, the fact that I can shows me that I am separate from my story.  I am separate from my circumstances.  If I am separate from my circumstances then I can direct them. I am the driver of my life.

Who knows what is possible when I take the reigns, the wheel, the rudder (whatever metaphor suits the moment) of my life. Life By Design came about because I never again wanted to live life by default and I thought others probably wouldn’t want to either. There’s a lot going on in the world right now.  Separating yourself from your story, from your limitations, from your ideas of how life should be, is not only empowering, it may be key to surviving the madness.

What do you want your life to look like?  How do you want it to feel when you get up each morning?  Why is important to ask these questions?