Natural Rhythms

Do you ever feel peaceful, maybe even joyful, only to have it disappear an hour or a day later and wonder what the heck happened? ­ “Where did this black cloud come from, and how do I get back to my happy place?” I find a lot of answers in the wild places, especially the natural rhythms.

The Tide Comes In

Nature’s natural rhythms give us not only clues but hope: The tide comes in. The tide goes out. The moon waxes and wanes. Summer turns to winter and back to summer again. Plants flourish and fruit and then die back and rest. The cold of night sets in as the sun goes down only to turn around and warm us again the next day.

Everything Turns Into its Opposite

In one of my coaching trainings we were taught that everything is always turning into its opposite. I’ve lived long enough now to observe just how true that is. The moon is full for one night (one moment) and then it is on its way to retreat to the new moon phase—month after month after month, year after year. Our days get shorter or longer the moment we hit one of our two solstices.

Embracing Both Happy and Sad

So why are we surprised when our lovely mood turns to sad? The saying “all sunshine doesn’t a rainbow make” gives us a clue. Without dark we wouldn’t understand light. Without winter we wouldn’t appreciate summer. And where is the surprise when a sad mood turns to joy? We like that part…but can we embrace both?

A Reforming Doer

I’ve been in a life period where the tide has been out—for what seems like a very long time. You don’t hear from me much during those times. As a reforming “doer” I am focused on “being with” the not knowing, the ambiguity, the lack of direction. Waiting for something to arise naturally rather than trying to make something happen that clearly isn’t ready.

The Question

What do you do when the tide goes out in your life? I guess it’s a good time to wander the beach and pick up starfish and sand dollars, knowing it will be back soon enough.