Things are changing so rapidly around me, around all of us, that it’s darn hard to keep up sometimes. As my own “house” upheaval is completing and I can think clearly again I’m realizing the bigger purpose in all the upset. Again. My someday has come.

Pruning the Dead and Lifeless

Upheavals prune us. Any gardener or arborist knows that in order for a plant to fruit well the dead branches, the crossed and broken branches, must be pruned away. The plant can’t bring the dead to life any more than we can. We don’t have branches to prune but we do have old thought patterns, erroneous self image, behaviors and reactions that don’t serve us, and people who aren’t best for us that we need to say goodbye to.

Before an upheaval our lives have few moving parts. Things are pretty well cemented into place and we like it that way. It feels normal. We know what to expect. Change upsets that normalcy. We likely know we need to change some things but we put them off until that notorious day we call Someday. Someday I’ll get out of this dead end job. Someday I’ll have that honest conversation with my mother/father/sister/partner. Someday I will make my health my priority. Some day I’ll take charge of my happiness and create a happier future for myself. But not today.

An Upheaval is Also an Opportunity

But we’re not off the hook. An upheaval changes things for us. It pulls the rug right out from under us. An upheaval breaks apart that cement that holds all the old in place. It’s very disconcerting when this happens but if we work it right an upheaval is also an opportunity to pick and choose the aspects of life we want to carry forward into a new future and leave the unworkable parts behind. How awesome is that?

Three Stages of an Upheaval

I’ve identified three stages of what I call the Upheaval to Uplevel process and I’m finding great delight in putting together a step-wise system to help people navigate and make the most of this opportunity to create new, different, more.

  1. Ground: get your feet back under you
  2. Connect: with who you are at your core
  3. Express: master the art of living as you

Curious? My next three newsletters will cover each of those topics more in depth. My hope is that as you recognize the importance and rare opportunity before you. That you will make TODAY your some day to create a happier future for yourself. It’s absolutely doable.

Is TODAY your someday?

If you want to talk to me about it now, you can get on my calendar here. It’s a free call.