A Healthy Divorce

The way you divorce has a lot to do with the way life will go for you after divorce. Divorcing well is your first step to a great life beyond divorce. Since you’re not an expert at divorce (and why would you be?) I have some tips for you below. What does it take to have a healthy divorce?

1. Slow Down

I know you want to move through this process quickly. Everybody does. You just want it to be over. But… the divorce process has its own pace and rhythm. You can try to push it along but it never works. It’s like being back of a line of cars and trying to make them go faster with your will and your guts. Bucking the natural pace will cause you endless frustration, impact your health, wear you out, and may cause you to make really bad decisions where you can’t afford to. When you slow things down the process itself slows down. Slowing things down never harms and always benefits. This can be hard if your Ex is driving the divorce, so call me.

2. Divorce Well

The way you divorce has a whole lot to do with the quality of your life and relationships after divorce. This is likely your first, maybe second divorce. There is no way you can be an expert at it (and why would you want to?). This is the time to seek professional help. There is a lot at stake.

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3. A Hire a Divorce Coach

Divorces are emotional, legal and financial, in about that order. The emotional side of things requires special resources that attorneys, mediators, financial advisors, courts, child and family investigators, and other legal professionals are not equipped nor intended to supply. Enter the Divorce Coach. A Divorce Coach can save you money, steer you away from dead ends, speed up your recovery time, and help you understand what you’re going through.

4. Recover Well

We were never intended to go through an experience such as divorce and we certainly aren’t intended to do it alone. It’s just too hard. You need support. This Coaching program is a proven system that will help you recover a year to two years faster than if you tried to recover solely on your own. Soothe your frazzled emotions, calm your crazy thoughts, learn what went wrong in your ended or ending relationship, discover yourself anew, start creating a new life based on new values.

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