Pursuit of Happiness



I love big, expansive, out of the box thinkers like Barbara Marx-Hubbard in the quote below.

“Humanity is undergoing a quantum transformation when everything is speeding up, including individual evolution.” Barbara Marx-Hubbard

  • What might be possible if we co-create rather than compete?
  • If we build up, rather than tear down?
  • What does it mean to be part of the living body of humanity?
  • How interconnected are we, really?

I watched a PBS special on The Emotional Mind.  The segment was on the pursuit of happiness – what makes us happy?  One particular portion fascinated me. A study of human connection has shown that our personal happiness affects people up to 4 degrees of separation from us.  That means that my friends’, friend’s, friend will be impacted by how happy I feel by up to 15%.  The bottom line of the entire show is that it is our social connections that create happiness.  When our relationships are good, we’re good.  When our relationships are bad, we’re devastated.  I think we already knew that… but it was interesting that somebody has actually proven it.