A Great Singleness

Your divorce is over. Your emotions have settled. You’re seeing more clearly and sighing a sigh of relief. A smile comes across your face more often than before. You are ready for the next phase which is a whole lot more fun and interesting—creating a great singleness for yourself. (And by the way, creating a great singleness is the first step to finding love again.)

There are four steps to creating a great singleness after your divorce.

  1. Finish the emotional business around your old relationship.
  2. Understand who you are now. A great discovery process.
  3. Build a solid social life with a community of quality friends.
  4. Claim your new life and start living it.

Creating a Great Singleness is unique—to you

Now that divorce is over, you can be curious about what is next. There is a lot that is new—new friends, values, interests, hobbies.  This is an exciting time. I call it the Renaissance period. (There’s a chapter in my book about The Renaissance period.)

Your needs at this time are unlike those of anyone else so I provide a one-on-one coaching program with me, that we tailor to your unique needs and schedule. Using a hand-picked selection of the hundreds of exercises, quizzes and assessments I have for this purpose we will help you complete entanglements to the old relationship and understand who you are now. We will uncover your new identity, values, and passions, move you into your courage to create great single life. Completing these four steps is the best thing you can do to prepare for new love after divorce.

Your next step:

Contact me so we can talk about where you are in the above steps and set up a plan to get you truly beyond divorce.