I found an interesting little article that may be of help to those stepping into another, beyond dating, relationship.  It provides some ideas as to where to look and questions to ask before  joining finances in a new relationship.  Find the full article here.  An excerpt follows:

“With second marriages the stakes may be higher in terms of the assets and liabilities each partner brings. To quell any tensions before they arise, each should prepare a list of what’s owned and owed. Then start the conversation with the obligations: Determine who will be responsible for what. Will you, for example, help tackle your spouse’s debts? In particular, says Hayden, discuss expenses related to children and exes, as these can drive a wedge of resentment between newly reweds. Tony’s planning to pay his child support and alimony from his commissions to keep that obligation separate. Meanwhile Kimberly, a clinical pharmacist, wants to help with college savings: “We’re both committed to doing the best thing for the children.”