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Jeannine started coaching before people knew what coaching was. That was in 2014. She's worked with divorcing people in 2007 after going through her own divorce and finding so few resources to help her through..
Jeannine will know exactly where you are in your process and what you need to get through. She's easy to reach and easy to talk to. Just call or email her. Texting works too.
People love the interviews. It's a great opportunity to hear the wisdom of nearly 80 experts in the divorce or relationship field. It's like having a cup of jo with your favorite expert and asking, "What do I need to know to get through this?"
Absolutely. "Divorce" is a tearing of the heart. The emotional impact is the same whether married or not. If you were invested, you will feel heartbroken when it ends. You need to heal your broken heart as much as any divorcing person. The impact to the heart are the same for same-sex couples and opposite sex couples.
People can and do get through divorces on their own all the time, but there is a quality of life after divorce to consider. With the right help you will avoid going the way of stuck in bitterness and anger and instead allow your divorce transform you to a kinder, gentler, more forgiving person who sees (and lives) life very differently than before. Divorce can be a right of passage to a better life if you work it right.
You can't exactly talk to the hundreds of people who have been helped by Jeannine's work but you can read the experience of clients and professionals who have been impacted by it in the "About" section on this website. Out in the community, Jeannine still runs into grateful people she worked with 10 years ago who stop to tell her how much her work changed their lives.

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