Easter as Metaphor

Spring in the natural world, which is often heralded by the Easter and Passover holidays, is an awakening. Plants long dormant wake from their slumber as they are touched by the sun’s gentle, warming rays. They yawn, stretch, shake off the weight of winter and immediately get about flashing their beauty and producing fruit.

We, too, have our seasons—periods of dormancy and growth. Our personal seasons may or may not coincide with the seasons of nature, but however they come they are a great metaphor for understanding our own internal workings. After a long dry period of “winter,” spring jumpstarts our growth allowing us to capitalize on the wisdom gained during our dormant periods and inspiring growth into the next version of ourselves. We are given the oomph to produce bigger, better, more purposeful fruit in our lives.

A Time of Renewal

I’m a gardener at heart. I’m fascinated by life force. Even as young as 7 when we lived in the mountains and pine trees were all I knew, I would take the seeds from my apple and ponder that an entire apple tree, capable of producing many more apples, was in that tiny seed. What a miracle. Yes, I planted my little seeds. A few of them grew, some even to a whole inch tall before winter challenged and ultimately extinguished them. But even that tiny 1″ tall plant filled me with the wonder of possibility.

Newness of Life

Even though we are a bit past Easter, I am still thinking of the metaphor of life that it represents. Easter is a holiday that is full of metaphor for newness of life if you can get away from rabbits and colored eggs. There is a piece in the bible that says “…even so should we also walk in newness of life.” Whether you believe the Christian version of resurrection or not, the connotations are powerful. We are given the opportunity for “death and resurrection” many times during our lives. During our dormant seasons, the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us are “sacrificed” and become fodder for future fruit. I lost (sacrificed) my little apple seed when I put it into the ground, but I gained a miraculous new life capable of reproducing itself a thousand times over.

Your Chance for Renewal

Our tendency is to hang on to things. We like, and some times need, to keep our lives cushioned with people and things that make us feel comfortable and safe. But what if they disappear? What if their vanishing is somehow in service to a new, better, more fruitful life ahead?  Perhaps today is the day to consider what it means to “walk in newness of life” in your life. Let the fruiting begin!