A Divorce Coach Makes a Big Difference

Divorces are primarily emotional events with some legal and financial components. If you’re new to the divorce process, you likely don’t know how to begin, how to protect yourself, how to keep things calm, how to talk to your kids. A divorce coach is a vital partner in all of those things. There is a lot at stake. This isn’t the time for trial and error. The consequences are too severe.


  • Are you divorcing but don’t know where to start or what to do?
  • Do you need to tell the kids and want to know the best way?
  • Are you wondering how to split important belongings in a way that makes sense?
  • Are you an emotional wreck and wonder if it’s normal, and how to make it better?
  • Do you and your soon to be Ex need to have some hard conversations that you don’t know how to broach?

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If you are clear that you want to part ways, you should know that there are better ways than others to proceed. The way you divorce has a lot to do with your future happiness, the health of your co-parenting relationship and your financial health.


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Coaching For You – 5 Steps to Rebuild

Most people come to me when the pain of the divorce is too much. Seeking help is a good thing! You will get better faster with the right kinds of support. Up to 2 years faster in fact. Recover and Empowerment Coaching uses the 5 Turning Points of divorce recovery to get through the emotional upheaval and chaos, back to happiness, and truly beyond divorce. There are two distinct phases.


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Need Help Talking to Each Other?

Do you avoid certain topics because they are just too hot to discuss?

To maintain relationship peace we often don’t talk about money, or sex, or politics, or in-laws, or the affair, or feeling taken advantage of, or the lack of support we feel, or any number of other things. We grit our teeth, shove them under the rug where they fester until they squirt out sideways in the form of passive-aggressive behaviors or rage. Or maybe we try and try to talk about them but don’t feel heard—so we talk louder, faster, more adamantly and until we throw up our hands and give up.

People divorce because of these unresolved conversations all the time. Sometimes we just need help talking to each other.


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– I can say for myself that it was a pleasure to meet you, and I feel very safe working out my separation and ultimate divorce with you as a coach. I vow to work with utmost integrity and honesty. As difficult as it is to leave after 34 years, I want to do so in a sensible, mature and as gentle a manner as possible.


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