I can say for myself that it was a pleasure to meet you, and I feel very safe working out my separation and ultimate divorce with you as a coach. I vow to work with utmost integrity and honesty. As difficult as it is to leave after 34 years, I want to do so in a sensible, mature and as gentle a manner as possible.

George G.

It’s really great working with you. Obviously it came into my life at just  the right time, and really helped me through a very rough patch. I’m still dealing with a lot of feelings, and I now know I can cope, and even do more than cope, actually find happiness again. Thank you for appearing out of the blue and helping me through.

Amy S.

It’s hard to believe, when you see how happy I am now, that I spent these past four years being the most miserable I’ve ever been. It’s hard to believe, when you see the smile on my face and hear me laughing so much, that I was ever with a man who would treat me as shitty as ________ treated me.” So yeah, now when I think, “You don’t know what I’ve been through,” I realize that’s because IT’S OVER and I NEVER HAVE TO GO BACK to that. I don’t need to keep recounting what happened. I can let it go. People now don’t know what I’ve been through, and they never have to know because I won’t give it enough of my attention to tell them! All they need to know is how wonderful, amazing, happy, beautiful, successful, hopeful, and radiant I AM.