Brokenhearted to Open Hearted

Heartbroken to Heartopened

Jeannine interviews more than 20 experts on topics about moving from Heartbroken to Heart-Opened

  • DR. JOE RUBINO: The Most Important Ingredient to Create Joy, Fulfillment and Success in Life
  • MAUREEN ST. GERMAIN: How to Use a Blow to the Heart to Gain a Transformational Upgrade.
  • JENNIFER UREZZIO: Listening to Your Essential Nature to Feel Safe Again.
  • DRS. ROY and JOY MARTINA: The Grudge Budge, Your Heart Walls, And Those Karmic Links
  • JIM HALLOWES: The Low Down on Highly Sensitive People.
  • JOANNA KENNEDY: 3 Major (and Common!) Mistakes that Destroy Love and How to Avoid Them
  • DAVID ESSEL: The Soulmate Myth: Understanding the Truth About Love, Love Partners and Soulmates
  • SHERRY GABA: Healing the Broken Heart: Breaking Free from Love Addiction.
  • DELINA FAJARDO: The Power of Extraordinary Health: How to create vitality and energy with self-care practices.
  • SUZY BROWN: From Wanting Them Back To Wanting Them Dead To Full-Out Joy – A Heartbreak Tale
  • DR. DOROTHY MARTIN: Dreams are Only the Beginning: Becoming Who You are Meant To Be.
  • YUVAL GOREN: Building Strength by Setting Meaningful Goals
  • KATHY ZANT: Symbolically Shifting Reality: How to decode the symbols in your life to consciously shift into the life you really want.
  • And more…

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