Beyond Heartbreak


Beyond Heartbreak Interviews

Jeannine interviews more than 20 experts on topics relating to being Beyond Heartbreak.

  • KATHERINE WOODWARD-THOMAS, Author of Conscious Uncoupling: Conscious Uncoupling
  • KELLY KOSOW, Director of Debbie Ford Institute: Divorce as Catalyst for an Extraordinary Life
  • DEBORAH MOSKOVITCH: Building Your Own Post-Divorce Happiness
  • ASHLEY STAMATINOS: Stop Divorcing Yourself and Rediscover Who You Really Are
  • SUE URDA: The Transformational Power of Gratitude. Keys for raising your mood and vibration even when you feel sucky
  • ANNE BERCHT – Taking Your Life back after infidelity
  • BETTY RUSSELL: How to Avoid Energy Vampires
  • LORI RUBENSTEIN: Forgiveness and Boundaries: How to know when you need to apply boundaries or forgiveness, with your ex and new partners
  • KERRI HUMMINGBIRD From We to Me: Emerging Self After Divorce
  • NANCY FAGAN – Strengthening The Parent-Child-Family Relationship After Divorce
  • FABIENNE SLAMA: Learn to Forgive Yourself and Feel Safe so You Can Love Again
  • BRIAN BERCHT: Dealing With the Consequences of Your Partner’s Affair
  • Married couple LION GOODMAN and CARISTA LUMINARE: How to Create Secure Love After Heartbreak
  • STACY CURNOW –   How to  use a positive focus to optimize your mood and create your best life.
  • KIMBERLY SELTZER – How are you showing up in your body?  Tips for creating a great first impression and attraction.
  • And more…

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