I almost started this by saying that 2020 has been good to me, but then I had to laugh.

It was that eye-opening realization—again—about how much I’ve allowed myself to be defined by my circumstances. If things outside me are good, I feel good. I am good. If things outside me aren’t good, there must be something wrong with me that I can’t fix my own life. But you know what? Things that go on outside of me/us have nothing to do with our value as humans.

I once worked with a healer who compared us to an empty pop can

“If you stand on the can when it’s empty it will collapse to the ground, but if it’s full, you can stand on it all day and it won’t crush.” That was such an important metaphor for me at the time. I was empty and life was crushing me.

Finding my fullness has been my pursuit since

I wanted to be done with feeling empty and being crushed by my world. I couldn’t control any of it, so why was I letting it define me? My prayer became, “Help me become equal to my life.” Growing up, and growing into my fullness (and I’m not saying that’s complete) has been a straightening by fire AND a most worthwhile journey.

The only thing that makes sense

To have a sense of fullness on the inside to be an embodied presence on this earth is, in my opinion, the only thing that makes sense. The only thing that gives us the power, the insight, the fortitude, the skill to navigate the landmines that make up our world.

It’s not an easy thing to learn

There’s no manual for it. It isn’t even a very intuitive process. I would say it is more like gathering, or maybe following, breadcrumbs. A guide or guides makes it go a lot faster with less dead ends. I’ve had many guides to help bring me home to myself. If you also want to come home to yourself you will need guides, too.

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Coming home to self?

What our life circumstances ARE good for is pointing out where we’re not at peace. Where we’re not at home. Whether you’re an individual in overwhelm, or part of a couple who is struggling, or even still involved with an Ex that you can’t communicate with, I am one of those guides who help you navigate life’s landmines without allowing it to affect how you rate yourself. There’s just no need to be whipsawn about by circumstances.  That’s such a tough way to live. Keep my number handy. ?