07 Jul

Wrap It In Love

Wrap It In Love I’ve discovered a new practice for neutralizing life’s jolting incoming missiles. You know the ones I mean, errant thoughts or comments from others that seemingly come
02 Jun

Using Upheaval for Good

From Upheaval to Uplevel That’s my new slogan: From Upheaval to Uplevel as I’m settling into a new way of doing life… I’m not sure where I got the idea
05 May

Choose Thoughts Wisely

Choose Thoughts Wisely I recently took my grandkids to the playground, unfortunately it was full of goatheads, those really nasty thorns that flatten your bike tires, and pierce your
08 Mar

Have You Lost Love?

Have You Lost Love? That’s kind of a silly question isn’t it? If we are older than about one day, we have lost love of some kind. Or at least