11 Jul

I’m Sorry

I hope you like our newly designed announcements panel. We have some fun, informative, and healing things coming up that you might want to be part of so click on through and find out what those are about.
24 Nov

Your Smile Can Make You Happy

your smile can make you happy
We have the choice between optimism/pessimism, gratitude/disappointment, being glad or being mad. I’ve heard for years that gratitude is the solution to living happily in an unhappy/challenging world. I get it. But I don’t always feel gratitude—even if it’s good for me. Here are two tricks that work.
25 Apr

Being Glee

A sizable part of overwriting my old software has been choosing what I want to plug into as opposed to being led by my feelings into old familiar patterns. In this moment I am choosing to plug into sheer glee. It is safe to do so because I said...
24 Apr

Gratitude and Joy

gratitude and joy
Gratitude and Joy One of my favorite things is to wander…to follow that little voice that says “turn here” or “that looks interesting, let’s go there.”