A few years ago I put my life on hold to seek peace. True peace. Lasting peace. I’ve lived a painful life, like many people I’m sure and I was ready to be done with it. But how? I’d spent a lot of years trying to manage my circumstances, to see the pitfalls before they arrived so I could head them off at the pass. But peace didn’t come until I quit looking “out there” and starting looking inside. I’ve learned and developed a number of practices that help me do just that. Here is one of my favorites.

A practice that helps me a lot is to bring myself home. We have hundreds, maybe thousands of thoughts and concerns in a day. Some of these we’d just as soon forget, but sometimes our energy goes out into the world because there is love attached to it–to a child or a dream or a pet or many other loves we carry. The tricky part is when our energy stays “out there”…with our cares, our worries, in unfinished conversations, with our to do list, you know the drill.

Energetic Ribbons

Our thoughts are like energetic ribbons or threads that run from our heart to “the other” person or thing. Like a spider web shoots out its web, so we shoot out strands of our love, trying to connect, or rectify, or send empathy and love, to prepare a place for our heart.

So how do we get these energetic strands of us to come home so we can feel whole? I know one way, there may be others. Using my breath and my imagination, and my feeing sense toward the energy I’m seeking. Here are the steps so you can try it.

An Exercise to Help

In a quiet space where you can get into a meditative state close your eyes and begin to notice your breath. Just notice. Watch it.

After you’ve done that for a while and are well aware of your breath, use your in-breath to summon those energetic strands of yourself home. I suggest working with one at a time. Is your energy tied up with a child, or boss, a repeating conversation? Still on the in-breath, picture your energy slipping out as if it were a silky ribbon and come back home. Maybe like you’re reeling it in. As you breath out, feel it settle inside you. Breath in, draw them out and home. As you breath out, feel the energy fill you. It’s your energy. You’re calling it home. After a while you will feel your essence growing, filling, expanding, becoming whole.

You Know What’s In There?

You. Your love. It’s the love you’ve allowed to scatter hither and yon, to vacate its home and serve others but not you. Now that it’s home, allow yourself to feel it, to feel enveloped, nourished, and strengthened by it. Feel all the love that is available to you when you bring it home. You’ve got a lot of love to give, yes? It’s yours.

Make it Real

This isn’t a forced act. It is an active engagement with your breath, a magnetism, a watchful observance of the movement of energy as it comes home and expands into wholeness. You don’t need to pretend, or make it up. You don’t want to force it and make it go as fast as you want. Just observe this very real act of calling your energy home. It’s you. Are your arms opened to it?

More Conscious Giving

It’s not like you’re going to hoard it, hide, it be selfish with it. When you bring it home it is cleansed. The love you send back out is cleaner and more purposeful. In and out like the tides, you energy serves you, serves others, serves you in an endless cycle of giving.

I’d love to know how this works out for you.