Jeannine was recently interviewed by Dave Taylor, blogger extraordinaire. Here is another of the questions he asked:

Q: As you know, I’ve participated in your program and found it of great value. Great enough that I am now a helping you help others through this major life change.  Let me ask you, though, what do you think are the key benefits that someone in the midst of a divorce or already divorced can receive from participation?

One of the reasons I love this program is that it is an educational seminar.  The first few weeks tend to the hard work of overcoming the emotions of divorce, but weeks 5 through week 10 are exploratory learning.  That is, learning what went wrong in the ended relationship, and more importantly, what a person can do differently for next time.  The program is not a blame fest. It is about self-discovery and personal responsibility.  Owning one’s part of the problem is the first step toward freedom.

The program is helpful to recover from many kinds of losses. One of the most devastated participants I had in class attended because of an aborted engagement. One does not have to be in the midst of divorce or already divorced to gain benefit.

Life on the other side of divorce can be better than you ever imagined if you work it right.   Reminds me of a quote I love:  “You only live once but if you work it right once is enough.”