Move clients from emotional chaos to an empowered post-divorce life.

As a Beyond Divorce facilitator you will be fully equipped to help those with a broken heart recover and re-empower their lives. This is a  proven step-by-step group process that works. It is fulfilling and important work.

  • Would you like to make divorce easier for others?
  • Do you have a unique perspective you can bring to others?
  • Did you come to appreciate the transformation you experienced as you went through your divorce?
  • Would you like to add meaningful work to your day job?
  • Would you like to earn extra money to support retirement, for fun, or to make ends meet?
  • Would you like to impact the world for good?

How It Works


Interview with Jeannine

Have a free conversation with Jeannine to determine if this work is right for you and you are right for this work. Discuss your training schedule needs and flexible payment options.

Take the Training

The training is both audio (online) and live calls to prepare and debrief each session. A marketing component is included.

Help the Hurting and Make Money

A broken heart is the most difficult of all pains. Help the brokenhearted heal and they are glad to pay you for it. It is a very equal and fulfilling exchange.

You can make good money while helping others through their divorce.

Beyond Divorce Recovery and Empowerment is a proven program that shortens the recovery time an average of two years compared to those who do not attend such a program. People facing divorce want to get through it as quickly as possible, as easily as possible, and with as little pain as possible. That’s understandable. I imagine you wanted that too. I sure did. Maybe you feel called to help others move through divorce or emotional heartbreak in a healthy way.

How much of a difference will you make?

People love this program. As a facilitator, people look to you for hope and guidance. It is nearly miraculous to watch people evolve from broken and desperate to empowered in happy in just 10 short weeks. You become like the mouse who removed the thorn from the lion’s paw (fable). Watching these folks step into their courage and transform their lives is awe-inspiring. What a wonderful way to change our world

Get in touch with Jeannine

Kevin shares: I thought I had to suffer through the divorce experience all by myself. I’m so glad I found this class. I feel I’ve healed so much of the pain and confusion in this short class. I feel interested in life and new experiences again! Thanks!

Linda says: The groundlessness of divorce is horrid. It is an ending of the life you’ve known. But this class will save your soul, make you let go of the sadness and hurt that needs help to go, and find a start in a new life. I was so glad to have found this class.

How much money can you make?

Depending on your area of the country or world, you can earn somewhere between $300 and $700 per person. A class of 10 people x $500= $5,000. You can easily teach 4 classes a year. With 10 participants in each of the 4 classes you will earn $20,000 in the year. Teaching those same 4 classes with 15 participants in each class brings in $30,000 for the time commitment (once you have things in place) of about 5-7 hours a week. This is very doable once your referral network is set up. Your facilitator training includes the how to’s of setting up a referral network.

Participants are usually hungry for additional information and community after completing their Beyond Divorce program. This means there are additional opportunities for income through add on programs such as: dating after divorce, letting go, purpose discovery and more. We can discuss ideas for those after you master teaching this one.

How will you find the people who need you?

A brief marketing section is provided with your training. I will help you design a simple website, supply you with a branded business card, and provide you with templates I’ve used to contact attorneys and other professionals to gain their referrals.
Attorneys appreciate a place to refer so they can stay at the task in hand and leave you to the emotional issues.

Receive a steady stream of referrals from:

  • Divorce attorneys
  • Mediators
  • Clergy
  • Therapists
  • Friends and family of divorcing individuals
  • Attendees of your Beyond Divorce programs

Attorneys, mediators and financial advisors want to take care of business, not tend to emotional matters. Friends and family want their loved ones whole and happy. Therapists know that group work will help their clients more than they can help them individually. All these professionals are glad to refer their clients to you. Once you have some happy alumni they will do some legwork for you. People get better fast and they are glad to tell others of their experience.

Attorney Todd McMillen says:

Jeannine’s grasp of the emotional experience of divorce makes her a vital resource for anyone undergoing major transformation in their primary relationship.


Therapist Heather Leavesley shares:

I have referred numerous clients to Jeannine over the years and continue to send people to her classes. I can always trust that Jeannine’s wisdom and compassion, along with the divorce recovery class she has developed will provide the guidance and support people need so badly during the difficult times of separation and divorce.

Read more of the experiences of the professionals who refer here.


If you feel called or drawn to becoming a facilitator of this work let’s talk. Contact me by email to set up a time. When you contact me I will send you a link to an additional page that has all the specifics about the training as to what is included, costs, structure and more.