Are You Ready for a New Year?

The year comes to a close on a blustery, snowy day.  It’s been a fine fall.  I love the snow.  I love the sparkling hush of stillness that envelops the earth under a blanket of snow.  I love it that snow arrives when it wants to: Universal timing; not our timing.  We can push it around a bit but we can’t control it.  Ready or not… here it comes.

New Year

The new year is a little like that.  Ready or not here it is.  A new year is at the door. I have spoken with many people, including other healers, who are just plain old tired after living through this year. For many it’s been a tough year.  I certainly feel it.  And yet, next year beckons with a shiny new door.  What awaits us behind this one?

For the last 5 years or so I’ve spent New Year’s morning identifying my theme for the next year.  I don’t just randomly pick something.  I create the space to hear what Spirit has in mind for me in the year ahead… my BEing place.

The last couple of years I have shared some of the things I do to discover my theme or motto with you all.  I will share some more below.  I feel a little less serious and quite a lot more playful with it this year.  I want to make it fun.

We had a great time at the Dream Your Theme for 2011 a couple of days ago.  It was so fun to watch everyone connect to what is next for them for the year ahead.  We’ll  do it again next year if you want to join us.

The Shiny New Door of 2011

There it stands.  Gleaming.  Mysterious.  The doorway to 2011.  On the other side of the door your life in 2011, awaits.  On the other side of the door your future self, You in 2011, is waiting to greet you.  You approach the door curiously, tentatively.  Carefully placing each step.  Yellow light bubbles playfully around your feet, spilling out onto the walk from under the door.  You hear muffled but lively sounds.  As you reach the door, you rap lightly.  It opens wide.  Your future self of 2011 has been expecting you. S/He greets you with a broad grin and beckons you to enter with a sweep of his or her arm.  Although this person is incredibly familiar something is different… something that you can’t quite pinpoint.  You’re not quite sure what it is.  The broad grin and wise eyes tell you that s/he has something to tell you.  Instinctively you know that s/he has grown some.  Learned some.  Forgiven some.  Tried some new things.  You are ready to listen…

It’s always interesting to see life through the eyes of your Future Self.  You can consult the You of 2011 as above, or you can consult the You of ten years from now, depending on what you want to know.  What I like to know this time of year is, what’s next?  What is wanting to happen for me?  What is the next larger version of myself going to be about? The beginning of a new year is a good time to ask these questions.

The new, larger version of myself has her own essence.  Because I want to be closely in touch with that essence I seek to identify it, to name it.  I do this in the form of a theme or a motto.  Last year my theme was Showing up in Power and Purpose.  It served me well.

Toward the end of December I started to catch glimpses of the way of being that I would be called to in the year ahead.  It’s always exciting when that happens.  A peek.  I don’t believe in resolutions.  I think they are defeating and failure inducing.  I’m much more interested in discovering how I’m going to BE as I go about whatever it is I choose to do… like parenting (or in my case grandparenting), or teaching, or writing, or food prep, or cleaning the house.  When I clean my carpets with power and purpose, instead of just mindlessly dragging the machine around when I’d rather be doing just about anything else, a whole new set of possibilities emerge.

I have a whole series of things I do in order to get in touch with my theme for the next year.  Consulting my Future Self is one.  Another is to thoughtfully examine the past year in order to let go of things that no longer serve me. Things like:

  • Events
  • People
  • Situations
  • Conversations
  • Behaviors and attitudes
  • Limiting thinking

I may do something like write them down on a piece of paper and burn them, or wad them into a ball and ceremoniously throw them away, or line the birdcage with them. Whatever helps me to consciously and energetically be done with them.

I also want to acknowledge the things that served me well over the last year and that I believe will continue to serve me in the year to come.  I may make a list and/or do a collage of images that speak to me.  It is in examining those things for similarities that I either find my theme for the coming year, or I find the path that will lead to the theme with a little more introspection.

I spent 5 hours on New Year’s Day this year discovering my theme/motto for 2011.  It took me a little longer this year because I found that as I progressed I had to clear some old baggage before I could see anything new.

If you are doing this for yourself, once you are close you will want to word your theme in the positive, in a way that calls you forth.

Here are a few examples:

  • The year of Financial Strength
  • The Vital New Me
  • Calm in Every Storm
  • Powerfully Persevering
  • Curiosity at Every Turn
  • Playful and Joyous

Your theme will be the window through which you will view every decision you make and every action you take. Viewing life through that window will cause you to adjust your actions and prioritize your thinking.  Living in view of ‘Financial Strength’ is a lot different than resolving to get out of debt.  A lifestyle created for ‘The Vital New Me’ is a lot more useful and empowering than “I will not eat any more brownies.”

After you have chosen your theme take some time to imagine how you will feel and what will be possible for you as you live it.

  • How will you feel about yourself?
  • How will the people around you respond to you?
  • In what ways will life be different/better/more?
  • What is possible for you in the year ahead by living your life from this place?

Jot your answers into a journal so that when August rolls around and you’ve forgotten you can come back to it and be reminded.

Remember to Dream Your Theme!