Dreaming A Life You Love

How much time do you spend thinking about what it will mean to have a life you love? For me, it’s been hard to think about having a more fulfilling life when I don’t think it can become a reality, but as I’ve allowed myself to dream more these days I sense the energy changing. Doors are opening.

Is it time for you to dream again?

A good practice is to spend time each day thinking about what you would like your life to be like. In your minds eye, think about what you’re morning will be like. Will it be the glow of a tangerine sun streaming through an eastern window onto a hardwood floors? Will your floppy furry pet lick your face? Will you meet friends for coffee or tea, or maybe a walk? Will you sit quietly and pray or meditate? What is the ideal start to your day?

What would you have for breakfast, something sweet and light, solid and hearty, coffee and bagel? As you head off to work, do you take a new route that offers your brain something new to think about? Do you remember to breathe while you’re behind the wheel? Can you see past the honk honk beep beep to birds on the wire or the sun rising?

What does your ideal evening look like? Do you go out with friends, take a longer route home so you can chill, take some time to read a magazine or paper, or prepare a nice dinner? What is your bedroom like? Do you sleep with the window open to hear the breezes outside? You have a high-rise that overlooks the lights of the city?

Take a few minutes to dream your ideal day: morning, noon, and night. Capture your thoughts
in your journal to remind you.

Why am I asking you this?

Our dreams and visualizations become a mold of sorts that the universe then uses to create them. Notice how you feel after this little dreaming exercise. I imagine you feel somewhat lighter, maybe even a little hopeful. It’s like a mini vacation. The things we want are always at first invisible to the eye. We must have faith in the things not yet seen in order to bring them into fruition in our world. It all starts with dreaming. I’d love it if you would share your ideal day in the comments section below. I promise I will read each one and hold an open space in my heart along with you for the creation of it.