Are You Living a Life of Purpose?

I talk with a lot of  people  in all stages of divorce. I am often asked, “How can you continually work with those sad, angry people?” I don’t see them that way. Divorcing people are undergoing a transformation no less dramatic than the lowly caterpillar being transformed into a grand and glorious butterfly.  Sure, it can be a painful process.

Life of Purpose

Pain is not necessarily wrong or bad. Pain is a great leveler.  It opens us up to new possibilities as nothing else does.  We become kinder, gentler, more aware, and more compassionate.  Through the influence of pain, we come to understand ourselves as never before.  We come to understand life as never before.

So what does this have to do with living a life of purpose?  Divorcing people who do their recovery work, come away with renewed hope.  They are not only happy again, but have new energy, new drive, and a brand new perspective.  They want to make changes – big changes.  Yay for that. 


Your Most Important Task

One of your most important tasks – maybe THE most important task after your divorce, is to put yourself back together again and get a sense of the new direction your life is taking. Find a new purpose for your life.

What I mean by that is that you have an inborn core purpose that came with you from birth. It is your North Star, your pathfinder, your inner guide.  It is the gauge by which you will make important choices—knowingly, or not.  Most people don’t have a clue how to figure out their purpose. I sure didn’t. But I have some ways to help.

The Dream Your Theme mini workshop, and, The Purpose Playshop are two effective avenues for getting a jump start on knowing this new you. After participating in one or both of these events you will be able to more effectively answer: “Does this fit with who I am and what I’m about?” 

Purpose and Partnering

Often that new-found hope and energy goes into finding another partner –immediately and with great urgency. Finding a new partner may satisfy some of your desires, but most often it is a distraction from finding your new purpose. Finding your purpose is all about you. It’s good to find your purpose before you change your focus to another person, or the two of you together. If we are living a life of purpose and then partner from there, we get a bonus as that powerful foundation lays the groundwork for a strong relationship.