We all have those days where we have to dash off to something or other but is that the majority of the time for you? Or just once in a while? I think mornings are the most precious part of a day and I’ve got some ideas to make your mornings magical. When we’re out and about early enough we can enjoy the world waking up slowly, like the rising sun. At the start of a day there are only a few things demanding attention instead of a zillion of them, and even those few can wait.

 Which is closest to your typical day?

  1. Jump out of bed, either with an alarm or with the day’s events already demanding your attention. Cup of your favorite caffeine, fast breakfast or no breakfast, and a dash to work.
  2. Your body wakes naturally on its own timing. You stretch, greet the day with gratitude and take a few moments to connect with All That Is before you step foot on the floor. You make yourself a hot cup of something, not because you need to jump start your day, but because you enjoy it. You head to work in a peaceful state of mind.

If you’d like something closer to #2 keep reading. I have a few ideas.

5 Ways to Make Your Mornings Magical

  1. Set the tone for your day before you even get out of bed by deciding how you want to be as you go about your day. Thoughtful. Cautious. Busy. Curious. Trusting. Contemplative. Attentive. Productive. Present. Playful. Annoying. Something else?
  2. Nourish your body as it breaks its night time fast. Your body has been cleansing all night and now it needs nourishment. Caffeine isn’t nourishment. It’s more like robbing tomorrow’s energy to use today. Sugar won’t help you much either. Try a smoothie, or a dose of protein.
  3. Connect with Spirit and your spiritual guidance in whatever way works for you. Here are a few ways to try: Reading, journaling, prayer, meditation, contemplation, in nature, with a congregation of spiritual folk. How do you best get in alignment with the greater whole?
  4. Walk in a balanced way and in sync with your breath. The body has many balance points and walking becomes nearly effortless when we walk or sit in postural alignment. It takes a little practice but it’s worth it.
  5. Move your body—run, walk, spend time in the garden, dance, yoga. Bodies like to move! Keep your joints fluid and flexible.

You can put them all together, which is what I do most days, by communing with Spirit before I get up, taking something nourishing with me on a walk in a beautiful place where I sit and read something inspirational and connect with my purpose for the day. The picture on this post is one I took recently on one of my magical morning walks.

Quick! Name 3 things you can do tomorrow to make your mornings magical.

Imagine doing those 3 things tomorrow, the next day, the day after that. How do you suppose your heart and mind will take to it?  How could things be different?

And besides all that…

I know there are some mornings when tumultuous emotional weather will move in despite the best planning. On those days we just have to wait it out until the sun comes out again. And the sun always comes out again. I’m here for you on the cloudy gloomy days. Call me to get some light, and magic, into your world.