Live YOUR Life in Color

Living Life in Color is the move from life as it once was, the move from the tedious day-to-day routines and/or the out of control roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs—to the challenging yet fulfilling way of life known as personal growth and fulfillment.

Making the transition requires a change of focus—a leap from a dingy world of black, white, and gray into the unknown bright, 3-D, world of pulsating color. Whoa. How do I get on that ride?!?

Embrace Change

Life itself leads us to this pallet of color. I find that life always brings us just what we need and at just the right time. Whatever challenge is before you right now is just what you’ve been asking for (now there’s a scary thought!) to bring you the shifts and changes your heart desires.

Who do you need to be in order to make that shift? Do you need to give up some stuff like judgmental thoughts, figuring it out, negative self-talk, an outdated version of yourself, fears of the future, replaying a painful past? Can you let them go in service of living your life in color, today? Even if the path takes a turn in a direction you didn’t anticipate, will you journey on in confidence, or turn back to what you know for the sake of comfort? Possibilities are limited only by our own thinking. Literally.

Still Looking?

Sometimes it’s hard to make the leap from black, white, and gray, to color. Here are a few practices to incorporate into daily life to bring the color back in.

  1. Add play. Play lifts stress from our shoulders, refreshes, recharges, and restores optimism.  Silly antics tell our serious Inner Critic that we have better things to do than listen to it. Skip rope, fly a kite, finger paint, grab the hand of a friend and run through the sprinkler.
  2. Plan time for creativity. We live and work in a very serious do-ing culture. We must accomplish daily goals in order to feel fulfilled…. Or so we think. Until we’ve done that long enough and realize we need some be-ing time. Plan it in.
  3. Visit wild places. Get in touch with your personal rhythms by visiting the natural pace of nature. Tides lapping, breezes blowing, sun and moon rising and setting, seasons changing. Ever wonder when you would get up, go to bed, eat, or make love if you followed your natural rhythm? Maybe it’s time to find out.
  4. Practice presence. This moment, right now, is pretty fine. Keep the past at bay and prevent the future from hijacking your happiness. Stay in the here and now; look for beauty right where you are at this very moment. There is something worth pondering no matter where you find yourself. Promise.
  5. See the people in your life as they are—not as you make them up to be. Can you greet the highest and best in others? I invite you to bring your best to your most important relationships.
  6. Increase positivity.  Focus on whatever is good in your life and watch it expand. This isn’t just a cliché, it really works. Instead of focusing on the 90-degree heat, focus instead on the tiniest of breezes and see how your perspective changes.
  7. Risk. Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone. Risks get you there. Risking means giving up looking good, feeling good, being right and being in control. Are you ready to let those go in order to live your life in color?
  8. Dream. It’s your life. What do you want it to look like? Dreaming is the first step. Can you let yourself have your dream?
  9. Practice balance. Are there out of control areas in your life? Do cravings, addictions, or loneliness run you? You can’t have a life in color if internal drives are sapping your energy.
  10. Practice gratitude. Always. Start small if you need to: the sky is blue, the grass is green, the air is crisp, I got out of bed this morning, I have food in my frig. We have sooo much and yet can remain empty if we focus on what we don’t have instead of wonder that is around us.

If you are ready to live your life in color let’s talk. It goes faster and you  hit less dead ends if you have help.